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RT @XboxQwik: Grade A call outs - I'd expect nothing less. @TheLittleMoa keeps delivering. @heytred @JTaylor1983 @StilKyle @silxxuk @spamro
@passthemstickss Oooooo I need that in my life asap
RT @TeaAndCopy: On this very day 4 years ago, I asked my best friend to marry me. My wife was furious. Greg was a little taken aback too.
RT @mjulio777pr: When you plan on runnin the Yellow light but the car in front of you stops... https://t.co/nJnwqEWCcI
RT @OnlyInBOS: 14 years ago today, the Red Sox stunned the Yankees to reach the World Series, the greatest comeback in MLB history. The Re…
@LORANT92 Thanks. I’ve never platinumed a game (ever) and certainly not one that had post launch updates. Good to k… https://t.co/1HRGIqCCZU
Do I still have my platinum trophy if they add new trophies? Can I go double platinum?
@passthemstickss 1993 game devs: “they’ll never fill an entire CD-ROM! 2018 Rockstar: hold our beer
@mmmmmmmmin85 @NJDevilNYGuy That’s a damn shame because WE ARE GOING TO #DODAMAGE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!
RT @YL_Mimz: if you do ANYTHING today, please please please watch this video. you wont regret it. 😂😂😂🤣🤣💀💀💀 https://t.co/rPSyTOccPg
New Tweetbot update! https://t.co/ePha4J2hRB
Moises Aleu has got to be screaming his brains out
@passthemstickss You let Plus lapse? That’s my other guess if it’s not in spam or something
@passthemstickss you’ve got PSVR as well right? I got this and just redeemed it https://t.co/xHzRD1ZXWW
@RareBishop Very few sweeter moments than new comforter arrival