OptimumZero (@OptimumZero)

@sidewindertexan Same. But I was doing that largely anyway
@sidewindertexan Probably. Fuck them. Stopped using all amazon products and services. Going to a physical store, li… https://t.co/hGke2E258J
@sidewindertexan Trying to buy PS4 stuff? Bezos can’t make $3.3 BILLION in a week with your ten percent off bro
@nollers You say that nowwwww…
@NJDevilNYGuy Very easily could’ve cost him money. Or worse
@NJDevilNYGuy Jeeps are shit but the road he crossed is NEVER clear. Takes me sometimes ten minutes to take a left.… https://t.co/Xs71LA8k2P
I witnessed a magic trick today. https://t.co/vHn7AmUPF6
That Light Camera ad is so frigging annoying I think I’ll join YouTube Red just to duck it. I watch mostly on Xbox… https://t.co/GEJdJlp0ik
@sidewindertexan Thanks buddy!
@sidewindertexan Just need some things to go my way. Looking at a place Sunday morning and regardless of how that g… https://t.co/rn56NKZjIk
@sidewindertexan I do look ridiculously young without it gelled back, not too dissimilar to Matthew Broderick’s bo… https://t.co/dmm75JUH0F
Went without any hair products today and was openly laughed at. Where’d you go self confidence? Right off a cliff I see. 😑
Depression is a royal pain in the ass. At least with anxiety I can get stuff done. Mental illness can fuck right off.
RT @TheCheish: Mother: can you please fix my computer Me: *leans back in chair* well... well ... well ... if it isn’t Miss ‘Get Off That…
RT @XboxQwik: 12 months XBL can be yours just RT to enter!
When you can’t even be succinct enough for 280 characters you have to ask yourself why you’re such a verbose asshole…
Do we need another California? Do we need more states? If they’re splitting in to 3 then I’m making changes to hit… https://t.co/kxpg2mVga9
No. No California. You don’t just get to decide to split up. If you’re not going to call at least one part New Cali… https://t.co/AegNJod6al
@passthemstickss With rising oceans you’re soon to not find it anywhere. Gorgeous area but considered critically endangered