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RT @GaryLineker: Bet Jamie Vardy’s having a party.
RT @ImACeIebBants: When the DJ drops an absolute banger #ImACeleb  https://t.co/wSajruqNuz
It's been 6 mins and I've already scrolled through 8 imma celeb stories... ffs
RT @Bradddderss: Arsenal will think they can win the league now ahah
@Bradddderss How's that goin for ya pal? ;)
Fuckin deja vu i swear 😂
RT @PinguProblems: When your favourite song is playing and someone skips it https://t.co/Xc1fKCLXst
RT @ImACeIebUK: THE FULL #IMACELEB LINE-UP HAS NOW BEEN CONFIRMED! 🐛 @Jack_Maynard23 🐛 @jamielomas1 🐛 @VanessaWhite 🐛 @denniswise 🐛 @
RT @FantasistaLio: When you realize your inheritance is now one fourth of what it was but you gotta smile, otherwise you'll have to do 3000…
RT @florrieh_: Mad how much has changed over such a short space of time
RT @WeAlIlKnowA: we all know a druggie called alex
RT @SkySportsNews: BREAKING: @NorwichCityFC goalkeeper @AngusGunn01 called up to England squad for friendly against Brazil. #SSN https://t.…
Vardy wouldn't have missed that
RT @anthonyfjoshua: & @Tyson_Fury get fit you fat fuck
Only just got to watch the celebrity gogglebox n tbf it's a fuckin crease haha
RT @DissHighBanta: Why do girls always tweet about how unattractive smoking is, but soon as their waved they'll be pestering lads for cigs🤔😂
Oi nahhhh celeb juice w Ed Sheeran I beg is jokes
I've had my car about 3 weeks and I've broke it 5 times 😂
RT @IadBanter: So many girls craving cuddles now because it's winter, 5 mins ago you were all half naked sniffing ket and getting fingered…
RT @hucks6dh6: Still a shit hole ! 😘 #Ncfc https://t.co/X01RyjuKo9