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"Given this sustained and targeted assault on abortion, it is now more important than ever that those of us who wor… https://t.co/utuJeBl76T
RT @DrLeanaWen: Abortion, which nearly 1 in 4 women will have in their lifetimes, is safe and legal. It is part of the full spectrum of rep…
RT @PPGenAction: "It felt like I was being treated like a criminal when all I wanted to do was get an abortion." no one should have to go…
Roger Severino is in charge of preventing discrimination in federal health care programs. But instead of focusing o… https://t.co/GdjJGBmTGy
Attacks like this on insurance coverage of abortion are why we need the EACH Woman Act, which would stop politician… https://t.co/0eyW5SakCN
RT @AllAboveAll: BREAKING: Together, we submitted 25,000+ comments opposing Trump’s latest attack on abortion coverage and guess what? We s…
RT @PPIAction: When patients show up for a health care appointment and are greeted by people shouting and shaming them it’s harassment. Per…
You deserve to have all your options because your reproductive health care is your own. It should be your decision, not theirs. #ProtectX
Which would you prefer? A health care center that offers you Pap tests, sex education, forms of birth control that… https://t.co/YJlyPHJb1Q
Either way, they don’t want you to have all your options. Whether it’s pushing Planned Parenthood out of the Title… https://t.co/2bCbHtYKIN
Diane Foley is the Trump appointee in charge of the Title X program. Before she joined the Trump-Pence team, she wa… https://t.co/KzbFqGsChT
It should also sound familiar because Trump has stacked his administration with appointees who have a track record… https://t.co/1Wpdv8stsf
Sound familiar to the gag rule? It should. That’s because the Title X gag rule bans doctors from providing inform… https://t.co/lZCAj8g3wM
Crisis pregnancy centers use lies and scare tactics to confuse people and convince them not to get an abortion. And… https://t.co/cIRnpt2l5u
.@HHSgov’s Title X gag rule would eviscerate the program as we know it & could open the door for groups like Obria… https://t.co/uo7pQPTSi2
The Trump administration’s goal? Fund organizations that are ideologically driven and hostile to the full range of… https://t.co/NN5nXVR3HQ
The Trump administration recently announced that it’s stripping Title X funding from several Planned Parenthood aff… https://t.co/TuNKihvev0
"I knew that if I couldn't have the abortion I might not be able to finish school...That's why Florida Bill HB 1335… https://t.co/oDU6jRVhny
It's the last day to vote in the #Webbys! We're honored to have been nominated in SIX categories this year. Show us… https://t.co/hGbAcLQjHR