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RT @FraserNelson: Corbyn’s manifesto would hurt the very people it purports to help. It would mean less tax from the rich, fewer student pl…
RT @itvnews: The Institute for Fiscal Studies has told ITV News Labour's manifesto spending and taxation pledges are "colossal" and "not cr…
@L__Macfarlane @alfie_stirling Might that be cos they don’t pay NI in the first place?!!
@raaaaaaaaaaaae It’s not, it’s actually laudable, sadly just wholly impractical and unrealistic
@cjsnowdon This bloke is a moron, given far too much air time
@EveningStandard Who cares, everyone knows by now that Lib Dem’s are completely irrelevant to this election, incidental at best!!
RT @HumanProgress: Socialism is back in vogue, especially among America's college-educated youth. They are too young to remember the Cold W…
@DMAN_ICE @Daily_Hotspur @MailSport You can have Jose, and by June Kane will hate him and we can have him 🤪
@DMAN_ICE @Daily_Hotspur @MailSport Reckon he’d be keen
RT @Conservatives: THE MOMENT OF THE DEBATE SO FAR: @BorisJohnson calls out Jeremy Corbyn's scare-campaign on privatising the NHS. #Leaders
@DMAN_ICE @Daily_Hotspur @MailSport Carlo or Jose to right the ship?
@JohnGubba Utd with a cheeky £150 million bid for Kane in jan?
@Fitzdares Mourinho up to bat next?
@PolhomeEditor 1st dibs on his London pad if he does!!
@EveningStandard Guess no one follows you but me 🤪