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Latest escalation of the Trump-press corp dust-up: President won’t attend annual White House Correspondents’ dinner
Trump vs. Press: Crazy, Stupid Love
Keith Ellison looks none too happy in his "Team Tom" button.
"I took a lot of heat on Sweden ... Take a look at what happened in Sweden ..." @POTUS tells CPAC.
"Do we win a war? Do we win anything?" @realDonaldTrump says at CPAC.
Politically, Repubs would be better off letting Obamare "implode" on its own, @realDonaldTrump says. Adds it's not "right thing to do."
.@realDonaldTrump: "We're going to repeal and replace ObamaCare."
"I inherited a mess, believe me," @realDonaldTrump says at CPAC. Josh?
Red meat speech from @realDonaldTrump at CPAC. Attacks focused on the news media, not Democrats so much. "I like Bernie," he says of Sanders
.@realDonaldTrump critique of news media moves to an attack on polls. Stay tuned for new WSJ-NBC News poll.
"The Clinton News Network," @realDonaldTrump says of CNN.
.@realDonaldTrump speech at CPAC thus far focused on his criticism of the news media. No details yet on his policy agenda and plans.
"They are the enemy of the people," @realDonaldTrump says of the press. Goes after Wash Post story that led to Michael Flynn's ouster.
"The consultants aren't good at politics, but they're really good at sucking up people's money," @realDonaldTrump says at CPAC.
"The dishonest media will say, 'He didn't get a standing ovation,' " @realDonaldTrump says, noting that audience was already on its feet.
"When I watch them on television defending me, no one has a chance," @realDonaldTrump says of CPAC's Matt @mschlapp.
"I love you people." @realDonaldTrump at CPAC.
RT @carmichael_btc: @PeterWSJ um, if by status quo, he means this administration, and he means "will" profit, he may be right. YCMTSU. who…
"Obamacare nightmare is about to end," VP Mike @mike_pence tells audience at CPAC. "Obamacare has failed and Obamacare must go."
"How about that Attorney General Jeff Sessions? How about Jim 'Mad Dog' Mattis over at Defense? This is the A-team," VP Pence says at CPAC.