PrimeJA23 (@PrimeJA23)

“You thought you was Bron? You not Bron. They don’t love you like that.”
RT @PlayoffKap: @PrimeJA23 6-10 260 nigga contorted like kyrie
Man this between the legs/behind the back pass by bron
2nd Q 7 possessions 1-3 FG One air ball One make off JR miscommunication
KD defended by LeBron 1st quarter game 1: Picked up on 17 possessions 1 steal 0/1 FG Durant passive
@glassford41 @Dom_2k He’s kinda casual. He has some good takes. But his basketball IQ has a lot of room to grow.
@cavs Y’all know that even if we get the worst record we only have a 14% chance at getting the first pick, right? Zion ain’t gonna be a Cav.
RT @bigbalIers: gimme 12 followers ffs
RT @boogietweets: How your girl’s male coworkers be treating her
RT @PrimeKorver26: A recap of Clemson vs Alabama
LeBron back at it with the defense
I see so much Kyrie in DLO. Dude is so clutch. Lakers made a huge mistake
RT @SLAMonline: Soulja Boy was most def the influence for your favorite hoopers. 🕺🏽
RT @RobWhiteVanDam: Damn, who knew LeBron had such a great taste in music??