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The Namibian and Botswana governments never responded to our reporters' questions, and the company developing the o… https://t.co/12pLv0RJth
Experts @NatGeo talked to say the environmental impact assessment for the oil project was lacking key information a… https://t.co/3zVeJZdT4v
The Okvango River is the lifeblood of the region, supporting 200,000 people, a huge population of elephants, endang… https://t.co/HtAEBQ50XA
It's been touted as possibly the world's "largest oil play of the decade." If the exploration drilling goes well, t… https://t.co/gQZnnEyxLL
The company's oil exploration areas overlap with a multicountry conservation park, six locally managed wildlife res… https://t.co/WR5NOZyCYc
Big news from @LaurelNeme and @JeffreyBarbee: A Canadian petroleum co. is going to drill for oil and gas in the bio… https://t.co/EuhVpJ9ORm
Holy cow. Colorado - now experiencing its two worst fires on record - has a $4.2 billion backlog of forestry work “… https://t.co/0ON9HxFZsr
RT @jackfleonard: Impact: After Times investigation, L.A. dog activist Marc Ching charged by city's animal protection unit. https://t.co/R1
RT @jackfleonard: The @latimes also found evidence contradicting claims about the authenticity of some of the gruesome videos Ching shot of…
RT @jackfleonard: @AleneTchek @PringleLATimes The charges come after @AleneTchek and @PringleLATimes uncovered years of complaints by vets…
A Sotuh African environmental activist opposing a mine near her house was shot dead in her home https://t.co/mDE1AsyJdw
They’ve been in Evin prison for 1,003 days. They are wildlife scientists, caught up in a political battle. https://t.co/lPBCr78aI2
RT @dabeard: The researchers wanted to track down a rare cheetah. Iran, without evidence, called them spies. From prison, they've gotten Ir…
RT @team_KWACS: A hedgehog using one of the tunnels installed during the latest expansion of Kirtlington's #hedgehogstreet. An oak ramp wit…
RT @NatGeo: A camera trap catches an old male snow leopard on a mountain overlooking the Spiti Valley #SnowLeopardDay https://t.co/0T6loA7t
Also...this is why you don't feed the wildlife! https://t.co/ND65zprxTn
Gerald, Oakland's notoriously aggressive turkey, was captured by a wildlife expert posing as frail woman https://t.co/0xv3vPkMwC
RT @cdellamore: @Dina_Maron had the flying squirrel smuggling story first! https://t.co/7OTy90KzVl