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I am deeply concerned for the people of #Kerala tonight, as the flood waters rise. Thousands are stranded. Relief c… https://t.co/ic7qvRZGdm
On this Independence Day my best wishes to all Indians. As we celebrate our independence as a nation, let us rememb… https://t.co/pvyEAL3h4m
The Indian #Rupee just gave the Supreme Leader, a vote of NO confidence, crashing to a historic low. Listen to the… https://t.co/c9RLguoffE
अपने मौलिक वन अधिकार के लिए संघर्ष करने वाली, आदिवासी समाज की सुकारो और किस्मतिया को उत्तरप्रदेश में अवैध तरीके से… https://t.co/gpCW1g1WGk
I will be in Bidar, Karnataka to address a public meeting at the Nehru Stadium today, at noon. Later this afternoon… https://t.co/Isx4j5zlOP
I mourn the passing away of Shri Somnath Chatterjee, 10 term MP and former Speaker of the Lok Sabha. He was an inst… https://t.co/I8f0U9lQsm
Mr 56’s best buddy, asked me to “check my facts” when I said the BJP fuels violence against Dalits & Adivasis. I… https://t.co/LS7rSHoZ8S
Unprecedented rainfall has created havoc in Kerala, destroying property & forcing thousands to abandon their homes.… https://t.co/c106FmwPxm
In preparation for the upcoming state elections in Rajasthan, I will be in Jaipur today, to meet with citizens, Con… https://t.co/W6cKkyqWdj
I will be in Chhattisgarh today to inaugurate the new Congress office, Rajiv Bhawan, in Raipur. I will also be meet… https://t.co/c7cp6y7ZlV
Here’s why HE couldn’t look me in the eye in Parliament, repeated by BJP people who have some guts. #RafaleScam https://t.co/DX6gJk5zm5
Like Jayalalitha ji, Kalaignar was an expression of the voice of the Tamil people. That voice deserves to be given… https://t.co/Iq8XRbyOXf
Loved by the Tamilian people, Kalaignar strode the stage of Tamil politics, like a colossus, for over 6 decades. In… https://t.co/DAwkBnDjDf
The Supreme Leader’s minions have been trying to silence those reporting on #RafaleScam Thanks to ABP News, the M… https://t.co/Qvp2w49VWi
The passing away of Shri #RKDhawan ji, who I have known since childhood, leaves a deep void in the Congress family… https://t.co/nuVONlgYNp
Excellent question Gadkari Ji. Every Indian is asking the same question. #WhereAreTheJobs? https://t.co/2wfhDxuA10
One of the highlights of today’s CWC meeting, was Mr Antony’s brilliant description of the Rafale robbery: 130,000… https://t.co/mXlUgtoGoS
The CWC met today. As a team, we discussed the political situation in the country & the huge opportunity for the Co… https://t.co/JdOzR8PXY9
In today’s big news: India gave Mehul “Bhai” Chowksi, Mr 56’s “suit-boot” BFF, a clean chit in Nov 2017, enabling h… https://t.co/girdglRW3f
सांप्रदायिकता सदैव संस्कृति की दुहाई दिया करती हैl उसे अपने असली रूप में निकलने में शायद लज्जा आती है, इसलिए वह उस… https://t.co/qTSnm608Nz