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On 1st April, 2015 the PM played an April Fools' day joke on the people of Orissa, as seen in this video. The Congr… https://t.co/oIQORhvBBF
झारखंड की सच्चाई, सादगी और विनम्रता के चिन्ह, आदिवासी समाज की आवाज, गांधीजी के विचारों के सच्चे शिष्य श्री बागुन सु… https://t.co/b4W1adwu7x
Congratulations Amit Shah ji , Director, Ahmedabad Dist. Cooperative Bank, on your bank winning 1st prize in the co… https://t.co/dLlqqKg8p9
Ex ? FM is locked in his room, breaking news on FaceBook. BJP Treasurer has the keys to the Indian Economy. The… https://t.co/o6IQdnE0Xl
Enjoyed meeting @ikamalhaasan in Delhi today. We discussed a wide range of issues concerning our two parties, inclu… https://t.co/HpZ7geX2FG
The opportunistic BJP-PDP alliance set fire to J&K, killing many innocent people including our brave soldiers. It c… https://t.co/GcEPFPb976
I am overwhelmed by the birthday wishes that I have received from all corners of our country & abroad. Your greet… https://t.co/jKtOVOfiNo
@CitiznMukherjee @INCIndia Thank you Pranab Da for your wishes and kind words. I appreciate them.
Delhi CM, sitting in Dharna at LG office. BJP sitting in Dharna at CM residence. Delhi bureaucrats addressing pr… https://t.co/BftNZgzxkq
The PM promised Rourkela a multi speciality hospital three years ago. Now, Muktikant Biswal has walked 1,300 Km to… https://t.co/OebCSfBv2Y
Eid Mubarak! May the Almighty bless us all with peace, happiness, wisdom and good health. #EidMubarak
महाराष्ट्र के इन दलित बच्चों का अपराध सिर्फ इतना था कि ये एक "सवर्ण" कुएं में नहा रहे थे। आज मानवता भी आखरी तिन… https://t.co/vRuhErZHMw
Maldives, once one of our closest allies & beneficiary of massive aid, is cancelling Indian work visas & putting up… https://t.co/ZXR6kyk9oq
I’m anguished to hear about the killing of Shujaat Bukhari, editor of @RisingKashmir. He was a brave heart who foug… https://t.co/ptb7OfFCFM
Good food, friendly faces and great conversation make for a memorable Iftar! We were honoured to have two former P… https://t.co/qfILuGsEnB
Dadaji Khobragade, a Dalit farmer-scientist, invented the revolutionary HMT variety of paddy. But, he died largely… https://t.co/mp5atnwcNP
Ekalavya cut off his right thumb because his Guru demanded it. In the BJP, they cut down their own Gurus. Humili… https://t.co/fAjiOOUHqr
The heart & soul of the Congress party are its grassroots workers. They are our foot soldiers who honour our party… https://t.co/lvYSnRaoK1
This year 26/30 underprivileged children trained by Anand Kumar at his Super 30 Academy in Bihar, passed the highly… https://t.co/nvoCELq24z
Wishing Shri Lalu Prasad ji a very happy birthday! I pray for his good health, success and happiness, always.