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Have had my heart broken so many times by this grape. This vintage was quite successful. Not so much brilliant wi… https://t.co/a27sdey003
I do aspire to be remembered a serious winemaker. It would of course be enormously ironic if my greatest success tu… https://t.co/4w80iJPgsW
RT @bigskycafe: Today's featured #sustainable wine is Bonny Doon Vin Gris de Cigare. It's a French style #rosé, perfect for #Sundaybrunch!…
Can't say for certain, but I suspect that this tree is a peche de vigne in flower. https://t.co/w3sqz9F4y2
The world not utterly going to hell in handbasket. https://t.co/ws5IQPYW2M
Noticed that "le corn bread" rounds out the list. #lesfrançais #çaexpliquetout https://t.co/1QezlUeTiU
Should the RAH be punctuated with an exclamation point? Or perhaps not? Methinks to lie down. https://t.co/OEyByVu3xc
Bonjour from the belly o’ the beast, that is to say, fancified, oenofied Napa, CA. (I barely recognize the place.).… https://t.co/Z7WY5oGhNV
Back in the Cruz (at long last), neck deep in daughter's school applications. Will reward myself w/ some vyd. time… https://t.co/ieN5kglNLj
This is what is called "being a good sport." https://t.co/tI1MDOn5Cl
RT @BettyBowers: Like getting a thank you note from your rapist. https://t.co/flXrTkfOmL
Nice discourse on Picpoul and kind mention of our effort from Beeswax Vyd. #lipsmacker https://t.co/8Z7jjlfoqV
Meiomi ad is coming up on my Twitter screen. Wonder what is up with that algorithm.
Blasting off from Cleveland after a very concentrated visit. Thanks so much for the very warm reception.
Thanks for kind endorsement. Totally d’accord that 13 Pousseur is a magical wine. Reports of demise of Syrah perh… https://t.co/MxRR6gj4WI
Let us observe a moment of silence for the Narcissist-in-Chief. https://t.co/Y5D5mOZLJy
@Culinary_Cam Oysters are the classic pairing. Also great with octopus