RandallGrahm (@RandallGrahm)

@lenoreriegel Anything I can do to help get rid of the Orange Menace is a useful activity.
What can we say? (It's a classic, and there just happens to be a very special offer on at the moment for 6 vintage… https://t.co/8tQwo0yfUe
@lenoreriegel He must be up to Plague #112, but who's counting? I'm envisioning a partially see-through acetate lab… https://t.co/iw1Sxz5BXH
RT @biteclubeats: Just trying to stay positive -- so...anyone know restaurants around here that regularly serve truffles during this season?
Have known many whinemakers in my time, but #45 is one for the ages. https://t.co/u6wyvulwmL
Essence of the human condition, one might argue. https://t.co/zNcv9Fg09m