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Ich bin vertwittert.
@lucas_j Not quite sure I'm with you w/ geosmin as a fault; for me, it's more of a feature. But, of course dependent on the concentration.
RT @_cevie: I've heard this feeling expressed by fellow wine lovers before, but few put it into words as elegantly as Mr. Jefford. http://t…
@_cevie As a young man years ago wrote a wine-world-weary parody called The Lovesong of J. Alfred Rootstock. The v… https://t.co/Egdaow1CCp
@lucas_j It's complicated, that's for sure. Certainly many biodynamic practitioners are seemingly more tolerant of… https://t.co/vIIcRDEYcE
@artisanswiss @EpochTimes We live in a very unusual world
It’s a big problem but somehow I reckon prof is off by a decimal or two. Professor Blames Chinese Counterfeits for… https://t.co/cby1vOrY4H
Had some just last night w/ cioppino and was an utterly felicitous pairing. https://t.co/r2YhuqxwUn
Nobody knows the truffles he's seen. https://t.co/DMvoDZRRo9
Maybe he also matches the orange drapes? https://t.co/gGbbwtvP64
@missrnk As long as one keeps yields well in hand, Picpoul grown in cooler sites in California is a grape that seems to retain its typicity.
@LarryDDutra I have to do that. Even if it means economic ruination, as it most certainly will
@hels Are you not being a little persnickety about this? #persnicketsounds
@kentborg @TrixieBelden3 Have sent out Bat Signal for further elucidation. #pleasestandby
@robertjoseph Even the concept of "spoof" itself no longer has relevance. We've gone totally META Make Egregiousness Tolerable Again