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To Recap the #SoxWinterWeekend Game Show: - Egg Race - Lobsters - Hoops - Billerica - Cotton Candy - Ponies
How about a late-night giveaway for everyone that couldn’t make it to #SoxWinterWeekend? RT now for a chance to w…
@somekindofdan Technically yes...
@GLWit Excellent name!
@penowski It's our annual fan fest! It's pretty epic. #SoxWinterWeekend
@rachshulenburg Maybe next year you'll both join us!
@Rich_Sady Noooo! We missed you! Hope she's feeling better!
@Aimee09960059 Glad Wyatt could hang out!
Shameless Plug Alert: We’re on TikTok. #SoxWinterWeekend 📱
Cuteness Levels 📈
RT @alexjc1993: Thank you @sandyleon41, @BLAKESWIHART_1, Jim Rice, and the rest of the @RedSox players and legends for taking the time to m…
RT @ac13alex: Thanks #RedSoxNation, awesome weekend.
So many souvenirs today!
Thought you could use some more of this on your feed. #SoxWinterWeekend ❄️
A huge thank you to Sharon Robinson for joining us to celebrate her father. #SoxWinterWeekend
Tommy Harper joined us tonight and put so much of a Jackie Robinson’s career into perspective. #SoxWinterWeekend