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I had Joc in both fantasy leagues and dropped him because platoon
PRO TIP: if you say to someone “oh I saw you at xyz place” and they say “oh that wasn’t me” you can go ahead and ke… https://t.co/UrkcKEjAWy
@SeanSJordan Rookie of the Year: complete game shutout
@SeanSJordan The Sandlot: A One Hitter
@SeanSJordan Just like a no hitter. The Natural? Another no hitter.
@SeanSJordan Major League is great, it’s not perfect.
Everyone adding on, that’s cool but I already said what I said. Other movies are great, they are not *perfect*. On… https://t.co/BJbKjPDMVg
There are two perfect baseball movies: A League of Their Own & Bull Durham
@SeanSJordan I love a good mall walk
Field of Dreams is not my personal favorite baseball movie but it is a perfect representation of baseball in that i… https://t.co/f3MA055uNC
@SeanSJordan Put me in your mall speed dial
The Tampa Bay Rays will win the AL East.
RT @vincentdonofrio: Pigs can't look up. But I could pick a pig up one night and raise it into the sky and tilt this pig ever so gentle. I…
@1followernodad A lot of people were lying
Did Schwarber get suspended for his f-bomb at the third base umpire this week?
Just reupped my @TheAthletic subscription to read this piece by @jrfegan on Tim Anderson. https://t.co/zirnq5M07f
@lindseyadler @JRFegan “DETROIT — Tim Anderson is the only African-American player on his team.”
@craigcalcaterra What if Penny had put in an end card explaining the life of the @AAGPBL and the fact that it ran 1… https://t.co/Jvu5g1gDd8
You wanna see less bat flips? Throw more strikes.