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RT @RRankinFans: NEW SHOW: #Burnistoun Tunes In airing on the new channel @BBCScotland on Sunday 24 February at 10pm. It will be available…
Everybody wants bagpipes in the charts... I think.... Check it out!! For a pal and a good cause. https://t.co/2d490OJj1L
@robertflorence Yes. Yes we SHALL have revenge. Oh the revenge!!!.... Against a 12 year old lassie... What happened here.
Obviously I mean ax throwing. Though there will likely be whiskey throwing also... https://t.co/HGw4LTbLRt
@BeathagW Awww Becky, Congratulations. Delighted to hear that. I'll buy you a drink!!! Or a tea if you don't drink 😝
😂 😂 Mixing Whiskey throwing and whiskey is ALWAYS a good idea. No one died ever doing this. https://t.co/fy8037zL4B
@pakorateesang That doesn't seem all that bad at all, Daughter.
@aureylian @SamHeughan Oh nice one!! Well, I'm much cheaper than Sam. I take small change.
@DirectedbyWomen That's very kind of you. Mainly due to @mairzeealmas's incredible talent and energy! I confess... I love her a lil bit.
@RRankinFans @SkeltonSophie Ummm... So I think everyone is missing the photo that this refers to.
RT @WizardWorld: PORTLAND 💥 Let's round up our talent roster! JUST ADDED to your city! @H_Combs @thebriankrause @RikRankin @NicholasBrendon
@JEM1979 Yeah... I have a soft spot for the Falcon too. Must admit.
@ElaineMilo2 @ess270 Noice!! I'll bring the glasses 🥃 🥃
@ElaineMilo2 @ess270 Noice!! I'll bring the glasses 🥃 🥃
@ess270 @Monica1236 Be afraid. Be very afraid.
@ess270 @Monica1236 Be afraid. Be very afraid.
@Monica1236 @ess270 I am Scottish. We don't run away.
@Monica1236 @ess270 I am Scottish. We don't run away.