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@TRUEBE Ha! We won't judge and it can only go up from there :)
@WWDCParties Awesome :) We're now part of One Medical so Jacqueline will follow up with details. Thanks a million :)
@WWDCParties Hey guys! We're hosting a WWDC happy hour event - more the merrier! How do we get added to the parties list? :)
@Jason_Lee_9 Hey Jason! https://t.co/581dMYPezr Let us know if we can help with anything else :) Good luck on your Rise journey :)
RT @diklein: @selenalarson in my experience diet is way more effective. so glad I use @rise.
@danshipper @nbashaw @davefontenot @triketora Eeks! So sorry! We'd love to hook you all up w/a free month, a new coach & make it awesome :)
@triketora @davefontenot (face palm) sincerely sorry, there's no excuse for making you wait. We're on it. Sorry again.
@triketora @davefontenot honest feedback is the best way to make our product better. Open to an email from us to learn more from you?
RT @aprilnichole_m: @LoRoRD is the bestest @rise nutritionist ever. #JustSayin
@geekgirlweb Thanks Rebecca for your support :) #letsrise
@williambonde So sorry, Will! Yes, delete and reinstall should do the trick :)
@diklein You didn't have a promo code (so sorry!). Now you do! Anyone who signs up with the code Z7PCGY will get 1 wk free & you will too :)
@diklein Uh oh! That's no good! We're so sorry. We're looking into it now and get back to you tomorrow, we'll also email you your code :)
@rsmsky1 hey Renee! It should be all taken care of and you should have received an email! Let us know if there is anything else we can do!
@JessCording Yes! Love it :) Keep kicking butt!
@diklein perfect! THANK YOU! Welcome back! #letsrise
@diklein :) Your coach is still active! You should have received an email from Mathew. Let us know if you want to switch or we can help!
@superamit @mg Awesome! Amit, we've appreciated your support over the past year! #letsrise :)