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it's that time again!! Come on everyone let's help this good cause!!
burned 696 calories doing 58 minutes of Bicycling, <10 mph, leisure (cycling, biking, bike riding) #myfitnesspal
PREDATORS WIN!!! Bye Bye Ducks!! Here comes the Stanley Cup
burned 636 calories doing 59 minutes of Bicycling, 16-20 mph, very fast (cycling, biking, bike riding) #myfitnesspal
Early bird catches the plane!! Way to early
Dillon actually caught a fish with one of these, that was years ago!!
Eating dinner at an amazing historical mansion called Mangiamo!! Means "let's Eat" In Grand Rapids Michigan !!
Minutes Ago Trump STUNNED Every Muslim In The World With These Four Words
RT @ScottPresler: FACT: Saudi Arabia had more American flags welcoming Trump than the DNC had in Philly! Sad. #saturdaymorning #ThreeWord