Rod (@Rod)

Data is the new X. And Google’s self driving taxi is mundane yet unnerving. @CoopDigital newsletter…
@WeNeedEU @davidallengreen Untied Kingdom was by James Lovegrove I think? Rupert Thomson’s Divided Kingdom might al…
@paul_furley @iandrysdale ok not pgp keys but a certificate whose expiry had gone unnoticed for 19 months
@paul_furley Perhaps would be more effective if it said Paul I know when your pgp keys are due to expire
@jammtoday is the plan that you’re a comparison supermarket for robo/advised/d2c, earning intro fees?
@AbiBuddComms @Sal1070 @MSTrust @mssocietyuk Hmm, don’t actually know if the 3 or 6 monthly bloods tests my DMT cli…
@antimega fanfic’s getting weird
guess you could do a rough cohort/lifetime value analysis by tracking #MyTwitterAnniversary over time
(am starting to go back and add new banks auth'd to take deposits in the UK but incorporated outside the UK, so it’s 30 something now)
With Zopa I make that 28 (or depending on how you count 26) new banking licences in UK since 2013
Going beyond "users first”, weird ecommerce, and “the problem is Facebook” @CoopDigital newsletter…
ability is a temporary privilege - a powerful and useful idea #ms
Local democracy reporters: interesting idea
Uhtred son of Uhtred glares at the flashing red light on the self-serve checkout at Morrisons, his hand on Wasp Sting's hilt #destinyisall
@mr_stru the rodstock inventory system is either going to be a spreadsheet or a customised Age of Empires theme. Th…
@Naomi_Turner @philgyford the problem is that I haven’t made enough pots :) yet
@philgyford also it seems I might need an ERP system for my 30 pots (yes, they’re mine, thanks Phil!)
@asburyandasbury They are rather proud of it and apparently some trains will get a new one, a movie tie-in
You dig out last year’s price list ahead of selling some ceramics at a craft fair [time passes] now you are researc…