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RT @Lord_Sugar: Does anyone know who pays @Nigel_Farage where does he get his income from , how can he keep flying to the USA who is paying…
RT @juliettekayyem: A former agent just told me that he has listened to Trump speech @CIA. He noted there is lead/prompt clapper who starts…
RT @dangillmor: Important: Voice of America just fact-checked Trump/Spicer, who will not like the conclusions: Kudo…
RT @thehill: JUST IN: Women's marches turn out 2.5 million protesters across country
RT @thehill: JUST IN: Women's marches turn out 2.5 million protesters across country
RT @MyDaughtersArmy: Amazing rooftop view of the Women's March in Washington DC. Via @KerryGFleming #WomensMarch
RT @evanperez: Spicer suggested use of magnetometers affected crowd size. Secret Service says no.
RT @Acosta: Pic of crews laying down white ground coverings at Obama inaugural in 2013 courtesy Getty images
RT @hahellyer: This is exactly the same sort of nonsense tin-pot autocrats in the '3rd world' & elsewhere say all the time. Nothing origina…
RT @BCAppelbaum: This is not a political campaign. It is not a game. This is now the White House lying to the American people.
RT @BuzzFeedNews: President Trump’s spokesman just lied about the size of the inauguration crowd
RT @kidneydoc101: @seanspicer but of course this is only a woman's report so presumably you'll dismiss @RoshanaMN
@ben4bath @ralphy1517 what?! That is not true. Many do bsc. Not masters
I walked Washington DC and observed both #WomensMarch & #Inauguration There were significantly more people today.…
So they've basically cropped the mall out
RT @jmpalmieri: @seanspicer Quit. Now. No job is worth this.
RT @TUSK81: May the spirit of the woman who hit a neo-Nazi with her handbag guide us all in 2017.
RT @thehill: John Kerry and his dog join historic #WomensMarch
RT @karimbrohi: Status: Reviewing overwhelming evidence supporting hypothesis: Crowd size ∝ Hand size