RossSean177 (@RossSean177)

@Goldiedread_ Lol scrolled his media. I gotta start doing that before I respond to these clowns
@8BitPatty It’s On one of the movie platforms you’ll like it
@Mr_Alexius LMFAOOOOO all the women in that thread ....
@Goldiedread_ He trolled the wrong MF tonight
@8BitPatty Ma’am ! Go directly to Netflix
@5aluteMeImPaige Lmfaooooooooo you know what you’re right.
@toichanel I didn’t do nothing Toi .....
@_omg_its_v 🤷🏽‍♂️
@JaneTheLionDoe I swear it’s one of my favorite parts
@_fakesuggawaxer Im just a regular guy V