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RT @Stiljustme: @news_store_com @RtotheTtotheC @SallyAlbright Hey everyone, any word yet on when Trump is returning the money to Ailes and…
You stopped Bernie-bashing long enough to tweet this? https://t.co/LnVVICoare
RT @tribetraveler: #NewSuperstitions During conception Female on top = boy Female on bottom = girl Doggie style = puppies
RT @MATTLAMBERT__: tweet about trump you get 4 more years of bad luck #NewSuperstitions
Swipe over a crack (in your screen) break your Tinder date's back. #NewSuperstitions @TheWeeHoursWar @Dubzzzinyaface
RT @jpjuniorcountry: #NewSuperstitions Playing with yourself on a plane will protect the aircraft from turbulence... https://t.co/1lGwdNSM
RT @KelKass: Bach Ness Monster on the cello #MonsterInstruments