RyanJosephPrice (@RyanJosephPrice)

@mothertucker96 No doubt ! I have to wear compression shorts myself every time I go. How ever, they do not stack up… https://t.co/QlrWk1cjBk
RT @_SayHeyKid: Giannis at home Kawhi at home NEVER compare those two to LeBron 👑 https://t.co/gaR5grpZnJ
RT @eli_carey98: That Clippers team is so unlikable, they got Warrior fans & Laker fans joining forces for a night 😭 https://t.co/HjX31ZbyQy
RT @BigBas_: Me in the rear view when I pass a state trooper after slowing down from 90 to 65 https://t.co/ug3DJIbjaj
RT @SupremeDreams_1: How people be doing the most with they gender reveals now 🤣😭🤦🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/aIIIzvvlBg
@mothertucker96 You can’t create separation with your hands extended which is ... exactly what he did.
@mothertucker96 That was an offensive PI. If you think that wasn’t an offensive Pass interference then no one can help you
RT @LakeShowYo: “hey LeBron, how does it feel to blow back-to-back 16pt leads and now have to play a game 7?” https://t.co/u6y2xQqEzT
RT @TrojanWarrior: Referees just ignoring the holding on the Dallas O-line now. Wow. They know this is televised right?
Why is Dallas getting away with holding every play
RT @JacobbiJustice: Mike Evans dripped balls, stopped routes for jameis and y’all never said anything about that...
RT @TylerIAm: Jameis on the sidelines watching Peppa Pig on his Microsoft surface
RT @ClayTravis: Deandre Swift just Georgia’d the game winning catch for the Lions and cost them the game. Goodness. What a drop.