RyanMc23 (@RyanMc23)

@SpaceJamJ0rdans Definitely possible but far from a safe assumption
@SpaceJamJ0rdans I expect the 1.01 to be a WR and Golladay is already being valued as a top 15 dynasty WR.
Zach Ertz scored 40.5 fantasy points last week. That’s the most by any TE since Rob Gronkowski in Week 8 of 2014.
Good news…Royce Freeman returns tomorrow. Bad news…39% of his fantasy production has come via touchdowns and the C… https://t.co/fssz8DVSpu
@jrnall2 What is even happening?
@WoodJustRuff Ahh, that’s my job. I’ll check on it.
@WoodJustRuff Turns 26 next month, IIRC
@bhillman42 Kelce side for me. Very close
RT @rotoworld: .@RyanMc23, @LordReebs, @JessePantuosco, and @RotoPat discuss which of the NFL's emerging RB1s warrant a starting spot on fa…
RT @Fanball: Don't go spending big bucks on Joe Mixon ($7500) or Leonard Fournette ($7400) this week when cheaper options are on the table,…
A great way to start the weekend and prep for Sunday lineups! https://t.co/XsLNRZhmgq
Which would you prefer to have in your main dynasty league?
Jamaal Williams touches by game: 15 19 (Jones returns) 7 11 8 7 (Bye) 4 9 3 1
Taysom Hill has more red zone fantasy points than… LeSean McCoy Jordan Reed Emmanuel Sanders Julio Jones Golden Tate