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RT @jiklemz: Imagine Simi, Johny Drille, Brymo and Queen Asa on a song. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
RT @lesley_lartey: May my enemies never know peace until they change their ways. 🙂
RT @RatedRomelu: Greatest Manager of All Time? RT for Sir ALeX Ferguson. Like for Pep Guardiola. Try not be biased, please.
RT @lryea01: Ferrari has gone from making a car which has only 500 of its kind in existence to a car which requires a special invitation fr…
RT @KwesiArthur_: New music! With the big homie @julsonit featuring myself and @pureakan. World premiere tomorrow @Beats1 @AppleMusic @old
RT @NanaAkuaCooper: Harmony comes by finding the proper rhythm. Knowing that you w... More for Aries
RT @Joy997FM: Menzgold is authorized to purchase gold locally from any person holding a small scale mining licence at the company's regist…
RT @AyatMaq: Life is short but life is sweet.
@rodney_tm Toto?😂
@shattawalegh Chaley ego be as ebi sum clothing line 🙂
RT @mzdelah: Let’s create a thread of smiles. Reply with yours. 😊
RT @rodney_tm: The people wey Dey go take people for airport Dey shada pass the pilot sef😂😂😂😂😂
@Lyricalwizzy Drink pure water
@nibbieakuffo Intriguing album 🤗
RT @nibbieakuffo: Nowhere cool
@rodney_tm Rydee where dem dey😂😂
RT @muftimenk: Do you have such friends; honest, sincere people who don't pretend to be perfect. They’re not harsh or judgemental. They wil…
RT @nibbieakuffo: Indescribable uncontainable. You placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name. You are amazing God.