@Wine_N_Shoes Okay...fair enough ❤
@Wine_N_Shoes Wait!!!....silliest??? 😡
RT @Keystone_24: My son with autism, cerebral palsy dribbling a basketball the best he ever has. His 1 year old brother cheering for him. E…
@Wine_N_Shoes Aww that's very cute
RT @randomborostats: 13 years. ‘You won’t forget Nuneaton’ #gez #penalty #riverside
@randomborostats @brianmac1969 I was there. One of the greatest couple of weeks in my life 👍 #BackTheBoro
@IL0VEthe80s What's your 20?
IT'S OFFICIAL #NUNEATON has snow 1st of the year Roads networks Will be chaos and the routes into and around town will be gridlocked
#InMyDayWe used to be able to sleep
I think this is my new favourite account 😂😁😀🤣
RT @holdmyale: Hold my beer while I jump this canal.
Why???....I mean....WHY?????
RT @SlenderSherbet: "he's still behind me isn't he?"
@louiseminchin @mrdanwalker What's up with man on the crate? 😫
A Very Happy Birthday to the most amazing, loving, generous and GORGEOUS @Wine_N_Shoes I'm such a lucky ****** to…
Here are yesterday's and #OvernightScores #Insomnia 1 Simmo 0 Work 10(hours) #LifeBalance 0 #May 0 #Corbyn 1…
RT @RadioDaveThorpe: I know this doesn’t really move the debate forward, but Piers Morgan is an anagram of... Mr Ian Gropes Ripen Orgasm…