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RT @JustArmenta: want my password? It’s yours. don’t like him/her? I’ll cut them off. You need me? Im there. Need a favor? I got you. Wanna…
RT @gulickhannah: a while back my friend told me she was pregnant & i said “oh yikes” & everyone told me i should have said congrats becaus…
RT @SeniorGirls1: List of things I’m currently handling well: 1. 2. 3. 4.
RT @MissouriWestern: Griffons improve to 7-5 to finish the season. #RingTheBell
RT @shhaayyye: This semester has sucked so much
RT @CujoBaggins: *shoots anything into a trash can from an extremely moderate distance me: don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it don’t s…
RT @Hey_imissyou_: no failing grades this semester no failing grades this semester no failing grades this semester no failing grades thi…
RT @Cartterr5: I’m building a love I’ve always wanted, I don’t want it to be easy just to be worth it
RT @AshleighWaltz: Having a boyfriend who doubles as your best friend is such a blessing.
RT @abbycombsssss: It’s that point in the semester.
RT @norrisrk: Replacing the word 'girl' with 'squirrel' in song lyrics: a thread
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RT @makenziesattler: Hardest pill I’ve ever had to swallow was accepting the fact that, I CAN’T do everything, I CAN’T make everyone happy,…
RT @stephens23_: If she doesn’t mind being big spoon that’s a wife👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
RT @drew_kasen: wow I can’t wait for the days when I get to become a wife and mom
RT @LifeOfAGirlxo: Exes be like “remember when we used to..?” Nope. I remember when you fucked up though. Remember that?