Sam_Heath24 (@Sam_Heath24)

RT @payton_ericka: There is a huge difference between “love you” and “I love you”. Don’t @ me.
RT @tay_postage: to my ex best friend, wherever you are, i hope you’re the happiest you’ve ever been.
RT @cowgirlchic99: When he tells you how much you mean to him and then he actually shows you >>>>
RT @TylerJRoney: We talk about “Ope” as a midwestern phrase but we really need to talk about the “Oh no you’re fine” as a response to “Sorr…
RT @_ParkerH: Idk if it’s just me but a free T-shirt can motivate me to do basically anything
RT @WillDickYaDown: My first marriage will be my only marriage. You mad at me? I’ll go make a fort in the living room and sleep 🖕🏻
RT @nicholssgaby: When your Hair is one shade lighter, skin is two shades darker you really feel like a bad bitch
RT @trvpism: if ur not obsessed with me then what’s the fucking point
RT @ShawneeSherwood: insta is my fav i just love scrolling past girls bikini pics and the 2 names it shows that liked it are my ex and a gu…
RT @drewhamill_: Could spend 57 days in a row with my boyfriend and still throw a tantrum when he has to leave
RT @give_meSAMmore: sometimes i just wanna ask god why he built me like a double wide trailer
RT @TerieLeiMoore: If we date, these kinds of captions are a must 😂
RT @GemmaLeRae: dont lose a girl that has seen ALLLLL your flaws and still loves you
RT @_alirigney: a lady told me one time, “one day you’ll just be living your life and you’ll meet someone who is like the guy version of yo…
RT @Martin_Taylor23: my heart hurts for the girl I was a year ago begging for somebody to stay in my life and asking why I wasn’t good enou…
RT @ColIegeStudent: I hope you find $20 dollars today, I hope the person you adore texts you and I hope the situation you worry about favor…
RT @jacyclaireyates: any girl who can put her hands on a man deserves to be hit back. idc, you wanna be a bitch then get treated like one.…
RT @xxxxarsal: do you guys remember when cristina yang said “somebody fucking sedate me” yea idk about you but that’s a fucking mood
RT @kaiteasley: yeah alcohol is cool but have you ever dated someone who’s emotionally available? me neither i need a drink