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@I_BobTheBuilder @rishibagree Actually you can abuse Christianity all you like.. look at Hollywood
@rajeshtope11 What a performance! Hope new Zealand learns from this.
@HindolSengupta Doya kore jaben na... covid spread found there. Chepe jache .already one staffer found dead yesterday.
@jayeshn143 @BollyNumbers @Asylumseeker00 @Coronaupdate9 bengal! whata turnaround! Now I am thinking whats going o…
@ZRAFC @defcentral someone tell him to stop day dreaming
RT @ashoupadhyay: There are 54 districts in India which account for half the male out migration in the country. Out of it, 24 are in UP &…
@SowmikSengupta @greatbong there is nothing to understand.. you have to serve your master. cannot ignore the hand that feeds you.
@charles_watts The last umbilical cord cut off?
@hvgoenka Wasting time during duty hours for religion is a criminal offense. Period.
Err you make a promise not give?
@Suresh_Mathew_ We need doctor house to solve this mystery tbh 😂
RT @thekaipullai: You guys remember Mihir Sen, the first Indian to swim the English Channel, the Palk Strait, The Dardanelles, The Panama C…
@AtanuAdhikari15 Moira rose would had been excited for this. #SchittsCreek
RT @MoharBasu: In case you are wondering why Mumbai’s cases aren’t in control yet, here’s a glimpse from Lokhandwala back road yesterday (p…
@EduardoHagn the ship has sailed...
@EduardoHagn the ship has sailed...
@peeleraja what happened? is emergency declared officially?
@peeleraja what happened? is emergency declared officially?
@GauravPandhi you should try standup comedy
@GauravPandhi you should try standup comedy