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If fascist Trump is going to ban our media from the White House, Theresa May MUST stand up and stop the state visit. WEAK from the PM.
The UN found that the Tories were guilty of systemic abuse of disabled people. That is the government of the United Kingdom.
Nigel Farage taunted German wife with ”Two World Wars, One World Cup” chant. And people say romance is dead??
I'll be on Sky News around 13:30 to discuss the future of the Labour Party. Tune in!
MPs have just had another pay rise approved while incomes continue to fall for the average worker via @HuffPostUK
RT @LondonLive: Polls of previous leaders of the opposition "have always performed better than Jeremy Corbyn" - @ShehabKhan
@prawnsandwich Five months later, still hasn't happened and Labour is struggling. Surely time to accept it won't happen?
.@Jayrgoodall 1) Oppositions don't lose by-elections 2) Labour's polling is horrendous 3) Research shows Corbyn not engaging with electorate
IMO Corbyns message is good but he cant be the person to deliver it. Honest and principled man but not able to engage with the country [2/2]
Labour on course to suffer worst defeat in a general election in living memory. Change needed or Tory majority for 10+ years [1/2]
This is fascinating. Churchill would not have supported Brexit. A hard Brexit could destroy years of peaceful and e…
Trump said the press are the 'enemies of the people'. Not Putin. The US MEDIA. Which other President called the press the enemy? NIXON.
Tory govt lets huge companies pay workers less than legal minimum wage. Min wage not enough. We NEED a living wage
Trump’s approval rating is the lowest in history. The misogynistic, islamophibic and xenophobic president WILL FAIL.
Paul Nuttall has resigned as the Archbishop of Canterbury
RT @LondonLive: "There's very little Tony Blair is going to be able to do" - @ShehabKhan discussing on Blair's call to 'rise up' against Br…
Paul Nuttall tells me spike in hate crimes following Brexit is 'fabricated' to tarnish Leave campaign - My piece:
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