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BREAKING: Supreme court has ruled govt must seek parliamentary approval. Defeat for Theresa May and waste of tax payers money.
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Amazing video. We have gone from a politics of hope to a politics of hate #Inauguration
Trump, the billionaire, talks about "the establishment" like he's an outsider - ABSOLUTE CON #Inauguration
@ByronTau hi mate - are you okay for The @Independent to use this picture - also any idea whose limo?
Hilary having to watch this after getting 3 million more votes than Trump must be pure torture - UNDESERVED victory for Trump #Inauguration
Difference in number of people at Trump #Inauguration vs Obama. We say goodbye to one of the most popular president…
Hoping Hillary Clinton runs up and pushes Donald Trump aside, puts her hand on the Bible and just takes the oath #InaugurationDay
While we are deep in an NHS crisis, Tory govt is closing walk-in centres. What a DISGRACE
Tories are intentionally killing our NHS. More than 7,000 nurses face axe in SECRET plans.
Nigel Farage endorsing and agreeing with Theresa May. Says a lot about the direction Theresa May and the Tories hav…
Brexiters said we would remain in the single market. Can we add that to the list of things that was misleading during the campaign? #brexit
When is Theresa May going to mention the extra £350m to the NHS? NHS is in crisis and PM is busy offering tax cuts to big business #brexit
Corbyn's plans to cap bosses' salaries has the support of the majority of the public, according to new poll
Patients are dying in trollies in our hospitals. Our NHS is in CRISIS because of the Tories. Privatisation is not the answer.
Corbyn says Theresa May 'in denial' about NHS crisis and scapegoating GPs
Strong relaunch from Jeremy Corbyn - some decent points made. Tories in meltdown over the NHS and Corbyn showing Labour is the alternative.
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A president who wont talk to sections of the media because he doesnt like what they have to say. Thats NOT a democr…
Last night the world tearfully watched Obama in awe. Today we watch the #TrumpPressConference and wonder how the hell has this happened..