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Irrespective of your political persuasion, I think it's fair to say May's speech was timely, fitting and unifying. We must stand together.
RT @BBCBreaking: "This attack stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice" - UK PM @Theresa_May
This needs sharing. Lots of unidentified children at The Holiday Inn Express #manchester If you're missing a child…
There should be no politics today and certainly no peddling of hatred. No one should look to make political gain from this awful attack.
Yesterdays attack is beyond evil and beyond lunacy. We must stand together and remain united. They want us to turn on each other!
Thoughts and prayers to all those who have been affected in ydays horrific attack. Children lost their lives, that is heartbreaking.
Andrew Neil ripped Theresa May and the Tory manifesto to shreds. That was a BRUTAL interview #WeakAndWobbly
Theresa May REFUSED to rule out raising National Insurance. She said she will assess results of a report on the matter in the future...
Theresa May outright refuses to say where extra funding for the NHS will come from. Here's a clue- it's NEVER coming
This is just an outright lie. Corbyn has ruled out tax hikes for 95%.
The hypocrisy. Theresa May claims Corbyn is "playing on the fears of older and vulnerable people" after SHE pledged a horrific dementia tax
Tory manifesto isn't worth the paper it's written on. It's ALREADY being torn up
This is one of the worst press conferences I have ever witnessed. Theresa May is simply just not a leader
More than 207,000 registrations yday - lets get that even higher today! #RegisterToVote
@_kerriprince Suggest you read the entire thread before you jump to incorrect conclusions - there's a typo in that…
@_kerriprince Never discredited all polls....
ANOTHER CORBYN QUOTE: "I condemn all the bombings by both the Loyalists and the IRA"
@_kerriprince Here's a poll from an independent market research company and not from Mirror readers:
Corbyn looks the best bet. Poll finds Labour would do worse under Yvette Cooper or Chuka Umunna
This is media spin. The exact Corbyn quote: "Bombing is wrong. All bombing is wrong. Of course I condemn it"