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I wonder if Theresa May's speech writers start with "Let me be clear", "stability" and "chaos" and just work around that?
@liberalfish Le Pen factor - think exit polls always under poll far-right candidates.
Le Pen has come in in the exit poll on 21.7 per cent - I think the actual figure will be slightly higher than that!
Tory cuts left hundreds of thousands of disabled people without financial support. 200,000 people lost £3,000 a year and 400,000 lost £1,400
**BREAKING** - French exit poll result: Macron - 23% Le Pen - 23% Fillon - 19% Melenchon - 19%
This is how Corbyn will walk into Downing Street if he pulls off a miraculous victory...
This is how Corbyn will walk into Downing Street if he pulls off a miraculous victory...
How can you possibly trust a Prime Minister that does this?
What a lovely woman - Theresa May defends cut in payments for bereaved families
Exactly what Labour and Corbyn does not need. Interventions from former leads telling voters to support other parti…
Find it bizarre that Theresa May repeats the word 'stability', when the last two years under Tory rule have been total chaos.
#Nuttall needs to stop being given airtime. UKIP have 0 MPs. If they weren't able to win in Stoke, they won't win any seats. Irrelevant.
Corbyn was thoughtful and dealt with difficult questions rather well on #marr - rare you see a politician not repeating empty sound bites
Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will introduce four new bank holidays to 'give workers a break they deserve' - My piece:
Tories earned a working majority of 12 in 2015. CPS are investigating more than 30 people!!!! That includes “a raft” of Conservative MPs.
Ridiculous we are even having an election without finding out whether the Tory win in 2015 was lawful. Can't let May distract us from this!
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May says Tories are a "low tax party" but refuses to explain policy- Low taxes for highest earners and tax rises for everyone else methinks?
This is HILARIOUS - Theresa May said strong 28 times and stable 15 times in 13 minutes
Alistair Campbell spot on: Theresa May is asking people to vote for her to enforce a policy that she believes and has said is a disaster