Shenmue (@Shenmue)


What can you tell me about the four Wudu?
Excuse me. I'm looking for a black car.
@javieraltman OK - Yan Tin Apartments, South Carmain Qr, Wan Chai. Ask for Master Lishao Tao. Thanks!
Wants to go to Hong Kong.
Another fun Shenmue spoof - this time with a dose of politics and QTE:
@GameGuyPete Thanks for the mention! Not sure if you've seen this yet, but it's one of our favorites:
Do you know a place where sailors hang out?
@inferno10 We have a new legacy feed up for Shenmue now, like what we've done with the Virtua Tennis series. Let the Shenmue love begin!
FYI - There are still no new plans for more Shenmue - this feed is for the legacy of the games, and also to share cool Shenmue user content.
How about trying lucky hit?
Want to try a game of lucky hit?