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No stream this Thursday or saturday, I will instead have a Wednesday stream and MAYBE a Friday stream with a later…
RT @Fearsome_Fire: Mushroom kingdom impossible jump. First time it has ever been done. Shoutout to nicro
RT @NaNoCordoba_PG: Después de una nefasta racha, ahora parece que me van a venir de golpe✨
Live on twitch come hunt with me! Double full odds hunting Lotad and Torchic
Super short stream today, starts in about 40 minutes and will only last 2.5 hours. I have things to do and didn’t w…
@nightshadeGar Congrats on the fast underodds hunt man!
RT @Sonikks1: Back with a bang! Shiny Roaming Suicune appears on FireRed after 16,321 SRs. 2nd of my Roamer quest. 3rd Gen Suicune is just…
RT @Hound00med: Thanks so much to everyone who came out today! Super crazy stream, hit 100+ subs again! @lewispoolemusic & Nko1989 (what's…
Live now! Double full odds hunting: Lotad/Shinx in my HGBQ and Torchic in Ruby!
I woke up late, but stream in about 15 minutes!
@call_kurt @YourFriedBread Don’t give up
Live right now! Animal Crossing and shiny Hunting is the best combo ever.
@rmllavaneras @Twitch @PlayStation @aDrive_tK @AceTrainerLiam That’s so strange. Great lineup on streamers right there though 👌🏼
Live now on Twitch! Shiny hunting Torchic and playing Animal Crossing!
RT @MysticUmbreon94: It's crazy how you used to know YouTubers you look up too and now being friends with them feels like such a privilege
@kaycreigh My DMs are always open if you want someone to talk to. You have people here who have your back ✊🏼
@YTKrakerwat Being sane is too normal.
RT @ChickfilA: When your bestie surprises you with Nuggets + Chick-fil-A Sauce = 🙌
@Julian_Felz @Gusten13_shiny