Smiley_Dreyah (@Smiley_Dreyah)

RT @tahirx187: I have no words just pure emotions.
RT @Emanhudson: When she sends “The Text” that her period came...
RT @StuAthleteLife: So how’s everything been going? Me:
RT @quintabrunson: I’m pumped. Be on the lookout for a special voice
RT @PrettyboiiDB_9: When she comes home early from the party cause you shot it up
RT @wtvrkaylee: i did this in middle school she isnt special
RT @BaybeeDee: Experience them in every emotion before you commit to them.
RT @AtlSolid: Even a baby know when you doing the most
RT @nohoesimalone: I didn't ask for bills, anxiety, more responsibilities, shit I ain't even ask to be born.
RT @mattcity23: Bruh outta all the artwork there, u take these...
RT @el_branbran: I just got pinched by looking at this picture
RT @willis_cj: Inside Out over Nemo...Bugs Life over Ratatouille...Tangled over Lion King...this survey needs Jesus
RT @samwhiteout: Can we have it now?
RT @KolourMeKapes: For everyone who always asks what gssslighting is, this is it. She's upset because she's had a long day and he ate her r…
RT @alezander: there is not one lip in this whole photo
RT @_ayosworldd: this baby sitting in a neck pillow while wearing a neck pillow is the level of unbothered i wanna achieve
RT @JUSJORDXN: My whole life has been a lie, Twitter really is out here giving us the ultimate life hacks
RT @lilbaby4PF: Keep Our Business To Ourselves 🤷🏽‍♂️
RT @Carlyle_: Choreography is protected by copyright laws. . . . This is a realistic lawsuit. Everyone should support this.