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RT @toystory: Old friends, new faces, and the adventure of a lifetime. #ToyStory4
RT @StepRealSolid: Walmart,QT, & Waffle House.
RT @getrightkam: if the speed limit 60 go 85 at the least.
RT @MovieCoroner: World renowned paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren has passed away at 92. Films in The Conjuring and Annabelle univer…
RT @theestallion: Look in the mirror I’m madly in love 😍
RT @_supremvcy_: @theestallion I was serious about if you need a Hot Girl to dance for you, I GOT YOU.
RT @Kehlani: real ass mom give a fuck bout some spit up
RT @RidiculousDak: My mom coming back into my room and finding me sleeping 5 mins after she woke me up
RT @lilliecsmith18: In Georgia you can be at Waffle House and look out the window and see another waffle house.
RT @KellyKell__: May 8th || 2pm || it’s almost time 😩💗
RT @chrissyteigen: Corny monster. There were 1 million other ways to try and take me down and this is what you choose? Fuck you. 😁 https://…
RT @oxminaox: Idc what anyone says, this is SO DOPE to me!!!! Yall forget this womans dad was a bad ass lawyer too!!
RT @KimKardashian: Aced my test btw ⚖️✏️📚
RT @noputa3: Recycled material being made into clothing/jewelry/shoes is fucking cool. This is a trend we need to dick ride.
RT @RidiculousDak: Sometimes I get sad but then I remember this video exists
RT @accidentalhurt: I know that the Notre Dame is a very important landmark but the fact that billionaires have pledged over 600 million do…
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RT @m_ldnn_: Everyday people show us new levels to Split In The Middle 🤩
RT @beautybytamib: Ppl that have obsessions with mixed kids are annoying, this is so weird