Soichi (@Soichi)

Damn it,I am 50 years old and really looks like an old dood.
Damn,fn migraine.I think I will go home early evening after a stupid meeting.
@michioshusuke お久し振りです。今高2の娘が貴殿の作品を猛読中。サイン入りの本まで剥奪されてしまいました。
@EvelDick Happy Birthday,Ricahrd.All the best with you and kids.
@michioshusuke 初めまして、文春に書いておられた身の上相談あれ真面目ですかギャグですか?
Searching some apartment house to live in.
I think I am going to move out the house sooner or later.
@TwinaLu @JustinBartz @oliviadaniel Separate ways !!!!!Oooooooooooooh!
Before the rain,after the rain.Sometimes I have a terrible headache.Sounds like an old woman.
@TwinaLu @JustinBartz @oliviadaniel Going to USA.That means I will be just a tourist.90 days Visa.Sigh,,,
@TheeBlueMeanie Glad you got the CD safely.Please enjoy.Soichi
Now the time to be a biggest fan of Whitney Houston.
@TheeBlueMeanie The CD is on your way.
@TwinaLu I am fine but thinking about a divorce.
@TwinaLu I always thought that Tina is a cute name.
@DETHTOMO そんなの売ってあるんですか?
@TwinaLu Hello Tina,how have you been?Long time no see.Olivia told me that you are fine so I was just thinking of you.Hope all the best.
@EvelDick Thank you so much.I got a pass so I will say hi to Joe Elliot from you.