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Exactly what I was thinking!! 🙈😳 #bgt17
RT @Baz_Andrew13: #FF 8 truly amazing #Actresses 💖🎞 @LydiaKayE15 @AlidaPantone @ellietorrez @Camila_Koller @howell_i_roll @lexi_blevins @Ja…
@mediocreatb3st Yesssssss!!!! Congrats to you both!!! 🙌🏽💍💖
@GabyGardner Aw man you should've kept it!! New profile picture!! Haha!!
RT @SpaceCityProds: As we celebrate #Nationalvegetarianweek we thought we should lettuce all see our #TVAd for @SaclaUK. Could you find #mo…
STUNNING #Eurovision @luciejones1 did us SO proud! @bbceurovision @iam_jlc is prepped to lead us to victory in 2018 with #AllIEverWantIsYou
Ruslana!!!! #EUROVISION ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This is going too quickly 😭😭 slow down #EUROVISION
RT @iam_jlc: Great work @luciejones1 You did us proud. Flawless vocal. Our best entry for a long time. Now let's get some pois up in this!…
RT @iam_jlc: @Sorrel91 @ashleyst78 @luciejones1 Choooooooooon!! ❤️
#Eurovision we are SO READY for you!! Let the party begin!!! #eurovisionparty @bbceurovision @grahnort
@ashleyst78 @iam_jlc @luciejones1 Ukraine 2004 Wild Dances by Ruslana ❤️ my first #Eurovision memory and the year I…
RT @iam_jlc: #Eurovision I love you with all my ❤️
@kristina_jade @iam_jlc Yes Kristina!! 👍🏼😃
@CadeauxandCo Hahaa yes!! Most definitely!! 🙊 xxx