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An estimated 1,000,000 non-Europeans (including 500K+ from Syria) are now on welfare in Germany - an increase of 124% in a single year.
In 2016, 80% of police officers in #Sweden were allegedly considering quitting the police force.
In 2015, only 14% of all crimes in #Sweden were solved.
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Venezuelans Are Now Paying 1000 Times More For US Dollars Than They Did In 2010
Americans Protest ‘Very Fake News’ CNN Outside of Atlanta Headquarters
100 New York Times Employees Take Buyout Packages After ‘Death Panels’ Conclude
RT @mtracey: We've crossed an absurdity threshold when Jill Stein is implicated in the Senate's Trump/Russia probe.
@fir_eel Not an argument.
RT @DrJillStein: Unlike the Dems, I didn't sabotage Bernie Sanders in the primaries, then try to cover my tracks with ludicrous Russia cons…
#Brexit: The Betrayal | United Kingdom's EU Referendum
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Poland’s Senate Passes Reforms in Defiance of EU, Left Wing Protests
RT @joshdcaplan: Newt Gingrich: Robert Mueller's law firm gave 99.81% of its campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton
Stabbing dogs is not an argument.
RT @Cernovich: Mike Cernovich: Maybe I Should Publish a List Of ADL Donors