Strom_erik (@Strom_erik)

@tim_trudel26 Sucks to suck Tim
But was he on time though 😳😳😳
RT @SpanishBOP: 🚨🚨 Anuel AA ❌ Ozuna 🔥👹👹
RT @tim_trudel26: Buddy...
@tim_trudel26 This kid
RT @Anuel_2bleA: 👹✖️🌈 🔜 @6ix9ine
RT @SpanishBOP: bad bunny babeeeee
Shannon Sharpe gifs are my favorite gifs
@cristalrubi5 Oh god! That is some R rated shit right there
@cristalrubi5 @younglee617 Costs even more to touch boo boo 😏
@tim_trudel26 This week Erkkkk and mrrrk talk about getting out of troubbbblllleeee @MarkFerreria
@rhja22 @joerogan Haha yeah idk how good id be
@younglee617 Oh yeah they get paid..shits crazy. I’m about to show my booty off and show some product off
I’d be so down to just do a weekly podcast and talk about pop culture. Wouldn’t even care if it got a lot of views
RT @stoolpresidente: Akron City Officials Are Starting To Get Angry That Lebron Is Making It Seem Like He Paid For His Entire IPromise Scho…
RT @ashleydaoust: Erik bought me Ozuna tickets for our anniversary and I couldn’t be any happier😭😭😭😭😭
@tim_trudel26 Tim if you don’t DJ your homework you’re in soooooo much trouubbbbbblllllleeeee
@chriscolonn Boutta be a smelly flight back
@e1e4dba2efeb444 That’s hot