Strom_erik (@Strom_erik)

Holy plastic surgery batman!
@ashleydaoust So true 😂
@chriscolonn @cristalrubi5 Me when the Uber gets to the apartment
@cristalrubi5 Nothing boo boo my joke didn’t hit 😓
@cristalrubi5 Not safe for work image you have as his contact pic
Twitter never fails to surprise me these days
RT @torylanez: Tory Lanez - Lucky You Freestyle (Official Audio): via @YouTube
RT @scottzolak: Why do people fell the need to tweet they voted? It is now an accomplishment ? My god
Let’s goooooooooooooooo
RT @isjanosnba: hi @Al_Horford is janos . I am so happy and impres your perform on CRUSH thunders . Be watch for weekends;, pitsons drum…
@ashleydaoust Oh yeah, I know the secret
@MikePelletier_7 Your skinny
People acting like this the first time Drake has sang in forget Odio or what 🤨
RT @tim_trudel26: This is legitimately insane