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RT @exclusivetr3_: don’t go to parties, don’t have money/ transportation or don’t want to be bored during freshman week? we got you covered…
Sometimes people just need someone to be nice to them
RT @NICKIMINAJ: Whew Chile #QueenRadio gon be steamy on Thursday 😂
RT @Blu1x: Nothing scarier than a fed up woman.. we come full force with receipts!!! @NICKIMINAJ like “f it... y’all been hatin regardless…
RT @NICKIMINAJ: If you rock wit me & this album, let’s switch our focus back to the positive stuff ONLY. I’m so proud of #Queen. People wou…
RT @AfriZansi: My dad taught me this : call her beautiful, ask about her day, listen when she speaks. Randomly text her & tell her how amaz…
@kdlw__ @Kenisha____ @SoJada__ Lol tell her again !
RT @Kenisha____: @SoJada__ @kdlw__ @SuiseeMerra_ Wooowww not you to Jada 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️ little people always stick together smh lol
RT @SoJada__: @Kenisha____ @kdlw__ @SuiseeMerra_ Aye hop off my front and back
Its so funny how everyone knows the white people go downtown drunk
You know I’m bored cus I’m tweetkng
Mfs should be tryna get outta college lol
If you want to start college over you’re crazy