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RT @amunoz629: Well #SeekingSisterWife fans it’s been fun. You guys never disappoint see everyone next week. #TLC
RT @ThatJazzSong: Momma Donna said “what IS this?” Mother is NOT with the nonsense by any means 😂😂 #SeekingSisterWife
RT @jenni_glamorous: I don’t think he should have bought Vanessa without discussing it first 🙈 #SeekingSisterWife
RT @LLtwoL: 😂 What is this?? Mama Donna, we want to know too. #seekingsisterwife
Sparks flying? Vanessa shares how her romance with the Snowdens began. #SeekingSisterWife
RT @findingbliss81: Good for Sophie. Never apologize for doing what's best for you. #SeekingSisterWife @TLC
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RT @WomanofGrace72: I’m living for this upcoming moment on #SeekingSisterWife where Ashley’s mother reminds them that there can only be one…
RT @LLtwoL: Oh my goodness that sweet adorable baby! #seekingsisterwife
RT @amazedbynae_: idk why but #SeekingSisterWife on TLC is soo entertaining to me
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Jeff's solo date is cut the Alldredges' new relationship over before it even begins?! #SeekingSisterWife
Have you heard Mariah and Audrey’s big announcement?! 💍#SisterWives Mariah's only big annou…
RT @Sophielabellle: #SisterWives finally she pick the beautyfull princess wedding dress 😍👑👰
RT @JanelleBrown117: Sorry we haven’t been able to join you tonight. We’ve been putting the finishing work in for some things you will see…
RT @esantander30: Welp, everyone looks thrilled about moving #sisterwives