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If you’re not on TikTok these days you’re doing it wrong
Doerrie: The Pressure to Perform Has Officially Arrived For the Leafs
Marner contract sends clear message from Leafs management
RT @PuckPedia: The #MapleLeafs Mitch Marner 6 year $10.893M Cap Hit: -Yr 1: $700K Base, $15.3M SB -Yr 2: $700K & $14.3M SB -Yr 3: $750K &…
RT @PuckPedia: The #MapleLeafs sign 22 y/o RFA Mitch Marner to 6 year $10.893M Cap Hit, covers 2 UFA years. Rep’d by Darren Ferris @quart
RT @DailyFaceoff: A look at past RFA “holdouts” and how to value unsigned RFA’s in #FantasyHockey Drafts 📝: https:…
Did anyone ask him what “coming up” means in Saskatchewanese? Today? This week? Before April?
Good insider, Chris Johnston is reporting that Marner contract is a little closer
The Leafs are banking on Marner’s agent caving on October 1st, and he probably will
did you mix half of two separate opinions together and just hoped they’d make sense?