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@tulips4Kat Of course Kathy! ❤️️ *KananiB
@_TB0ne_ Hey there Timo! Happy to help, however this is T-Mobile in America. I would suggest reaching out to our fr…
@tulips4Kat Is this what you're looking for, Kathy? *ErikS
@dirtpooor Hey there! It sounds like you're referring to #CarrierFreedom in regards to us helping with device payof…
RT @LeJuan__James: I’m partnering with @tmobile to share my appreciation for our military & vets. Join me by RTing. For every tweet with #H
@WeVoted4Trump Happy she could make things happen for you today, Bob! Rachel is a rockstar :) *ErikS
@bloodticker48 WOW! You did this on the Note 8?! This is amazing Jillian!!! #Talented *KananiB
@LeJuan__James Hi LeJuan! We'd like to ask your permission for something if you could follow and send us a DM! Thanks! *KananiB
@ZSteel77 Nice! Glad to hear we're making a positive impression on you Cruz! Sounds like it might be time to #MakeTheSwitch 😉 *KananiB
@PhoebeP46 Awesome! I've gotta give that a try sometime soon. *BlakeT
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@jhshifris11 Always! What cookie are you reviewing for us next? *ErikS
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@ZSteel77 Let's make it happen, Cruz! We're ready to help you make the switch. This link has a ton of good info -->…
@DLangille Thanks for spreading the word, Dan! Our #TMobileONE plan is incredible and comes with some serious perks…
@RavensCapsFan We're always rolling out new promos Nadel! Stay tuned and keep an eye out for upcoming promos. *KananiB
@j_hiltonn We’re really excited! It opens us up to adding stores and coverage/5G in new rural places, thousands of…
@the_bogmyster SO ADORBS! Totally love it, Kelsey! He's precious! 😍 *BrookeK
@rawsko94 Hey there, Rawsko! Check out the details about blackout games here *BrookeK
@Dee2079E 😂😂😂 Great idea, Debbie! Nothin' worse than missing out on some awesome savings. 🤑 *BlakeT