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RT @SenBlumenthal: Today Barr told me, "there are two different reports… Under the current regulations, the Special Counsel report is confi…
William Barr is the Brett Kavanaugh of Attorney General nominees.
Make no mistake. William Barr is as slippery as they get. His agenda is to grant virtually unlimited power to the… https://t.co/L0qvOUyb7M
Patriotism is built on love. Love for our country. Love for our faithful allies and love for our fellow citizens.… https://t.co/v5RIzA679B
RT @awprokop: Mysterious source close to Michael Cohen tells WSJ he won't be able to testify re: Russia/Mueller, but will testify about wor…
RT @ABCInvestigates: NEW: Mueller plows ahead, issuing more subpoenas to associates of conservative commentator - ABC News - https://t.co/7
William Barr is nothin' but a less embarassin' version of Matt Whitaker. His demeanor is more polished, but his po… https://t.co/GbpzYVQ2mf
RT @Tru7hS33kR: Chairman Schiff making some big moves... "Adam Schiff hiring full-time team to investigate Trump’s Russia connections." T…
Trump's wall is turnin' out to be a great stone hung around his neck. https://t.co/bSV0cyaQrd
William Barr claims "I will act with the same integrity as I did with the George H. W. Bush administration." That'… https://t.co/HhOyei9ir1
RT @Mimirocah1: Wrong. He never says “report should be made public.” He says it’s “very important that the public & Congress be informed of…
Putin’s slightest wish is Trump’s command. #RedDon https://t.co/9bQW5ECqQn
Even with your phony scare-a-van, you lost the election and will lose your erection... ...of the wall. https://t.co/yP4rhm0jJe
RT @PreetBharara: If true: Trump should immediately and publicly state his apparent wish to withdraw from NATO so he can be promptly impeac…
Bombshells are droppin’ everyday on Trump, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. Sure feels like the end is near, don’t it?
Trump’s only actin’ as Putin’s special agent. Nothin’ to see here. https://t.co/cKkWIqUGbE
Mueller has got “Birther King” @Jerome_Corsi in his sights. Karma is a beautiful thing! https://t.co/q0ZDfpAAI5
Without a commitment to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation, there is no way WillIam Barr should be confirmed.
Trump has honed the personal skill set that will serve @DevinNunes well in prison. https://t.co/e7sMcYrki2