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Holy Guacamole! MO Gov. Eric Greitens in custody! Maybe he can tell Trump what it feels like so he want be so su… https://t.co/6ZPjU1eo2z
RT @RVAwonk: Think the indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates is unrelated to Trump? The second half of their alleged financial s…
RT @BradMossEsq: It bears noting that these alleged criminal actions by Manafort and Gates occurred while Manafort was on the campaign, whi…
RT @aliasvaughn: 1. Straight for the jugular: tax fraud for Manafort! And Gates "assisted in preparing "False United States Individual Inco…
BOOM x 32! 32, count 'em, 32 counts of Tax Evasion, Money Launderin' and Bank Fraud. Manafort's gotta flip or die… https://t.co/2oSUGEuBs7
RT @ZoeTillman: BREAKING: A grand jury in Virginia has returned a new indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, per new filing from…
RT @TrickFreee: .@realDonaldTrump's Vision Cops: Elementary kids find loaded gun teacher left in Pa. school bathroom https://t.co/nKNZPGk33g
BOOM! This puts an end to the Hannity/Gateway Pundit #FakeNews nonsense about Flynn withdrawin' his guilty plea. https://t.co/wUz1Bp0rHJ
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RT @Tom_Winter: It has been 24 hours and The White House has still yet to respond to NBC News questions if they were in contact with Manafo…
RT @TeaPainUSA: We can't have true common sense gun solutions until we have a common sense understandin' of the Second Amendment. Check o…
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Gorka (overheard): "As soon as I invade Poland, you're next, buddy!" @SebGorka https://t.co/ABC2JfCUc7
RT @shannonrwatts: Wayne LaPierre made $5,000,000 last year and lives in Washington, DC. He IS the elite. CPAC https://t.co/9WIRyuNUH0
If the American Medial Association used the same methods as the #NRA, they'd be pushin' for more candy bars for dia… https://t.co/toVobQ45xF
Wayne means children are "soft targets" to the users of his product, but, of course, it's the school's fault. #NRAhttps://t.co/LK8pXd3Uk0
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Wayne LaPierre is viciously attackin' the FBI at #CPAC. Keep blamin' the FBI while takin' dirty Russian money and… https://t.co/dzhBSOoCPc
We can't have true common sense gun solutions until we have a common sense understandin' of the Second Amendment.… https://t.co/14vTVIen9I