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RT @MoMoneyMitt: The Constitution didn't see foresee a lot of things, which is why it keeps needing to be amended. https://t.co/qvTOS326bC
RT @RepSwalwell: Russia attacked America. @realDonaldTrump’s team tried to work with them. That’s the kind of thing you investigate. Yet, @
Don’t you get tickled every time a Trumpnut tries to justify Trump’s pay-to-play corruption by claimin’ “Hillary di… https://t.co/WikPtmbBwv
The Constitution foresaw a traitorous President, but not a traitorous congressional majority in league with him.
RT @MaxBoot: More evidence of a quid pro quo between Washington and Kiev: Poroshenko would stop cooperating in Manafort investigation and T…
Boom! “The report states that Poroshenko returned from Washington and, in August or September, 2017, decided to com… https://t.co/AiT04bsokg
Michael Cohen should have consulted an attorney first. https://t.co/ncylmyRc7z
BOOM! Don't worry, Trumpophiles. There's no Russian collusion (there is), but even if there was collusion (there w… https://t.co/sa27hUBBax
RT @EvilBobJ: Thanks to @TeaPainUSA for forwarding this story - looks like #Manafort is trying to have evidence suppressed - that explains…
Good work, Donald! You keep whippin’ up phony scandals while your minions keep makin’ bona fide plea deals. https://t.co/VePNBxTCv9
RT @EvilBobJ: NBC News truck outside the federal court house in DC this morning. The guy setting up the cameras said they expect #Manafort
In light of today’s news that Michael Cohen’s business partner accepted a plea deal, will Michael Cohen flip on Donald Trump?
"Follow the money?" Trump actually tweeted that and the Good Lord ain't struck him dead yet? Trump & Broidy inked… https://t.co/xibaZqmTu8
RT @Amy_Siskind: Trump threatened Amazon to get at WAPO, AT&T to get at CNN; he has threatened to take away credentials; and today AP and C…
After we remove Trump from office, we need to set down and re-examine executive power. The irony of the moment is t… https://t.co/H9RdoMe8Ig
RT @JuddLegum: Michael Cohen's business partner just flipped https://t.co/TDay2BaVfS
RT @carolecadwalla: Oh yes. And there's that. Psy Group & Cambridge Analytica use the same law firm. Total random, Rudy Giuliani's... https…
BOOM!! SDNY scores a sweet, sweet plea deal against Michael Cohen. This is gettin' good! https://t.co/e8OQZAdb7Q
RT @DrDenaGrayson: What a "coincidence."🙄 PSY Group’s decision to shut down appears to have come the **same week** that Nader testified be…