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@kathem_7757 @elonmusk So wrong it's right..?
@Neo_Solanki @elonmusk And apparently soccer is football. Who knew
@GeorgeZhulkov @elonmusk You won't say that after you try Beach Buggy Racing 2
@ales_gaber The "correct" side
@Self_Brian We made these by accident but it turns out they've been really popular in the UK
@jgrano305 Like when driving on the left is right and right is wrong
Model 3 right hand drive deliveries are underway in the UK 🇬🇧
Model 3 never felt so "right" https://t.co/cebkTJWJcI
Converting petrolheads, one Supercharger at a time. https://t.co/JnV9roNn8E
@RE_CTOWN @LeilaniMunter It was our all-star intern Katie
@baylorhadd @elonmusk We're not like a regular car. We're a *cool* car.
@jak_nowak @rodyager The game has been tuned to give you full steering control of your beach buggy with minimal whe… https://t.co/tCwY9aU8e8
@jak_nowak @rodyager USB controller support coming soon
Beach Buggy Racing 2 by @vectorunit is starting to roll out to Tesla cars today
Pit crew sold separately. Visit our stores for more details: https://t.co/3y0mR3TwV9
Your next charging session is going to be SO 👏 MUCH 👏 FUN 👏 https://t.co/5YzSL36kCC
@HayVov We haven't quite added that repair to our mobile service menu just yet
@iskep @elonmusk Yeah, the struggle is pretttyyyyy real when you don't have to leave your couch
When you finally meet a car who's into low maintenance relationships: https://t.co/6p165JOp6H