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@Cardoso Convince your spouse to rename themselves as Tesla
You can't actually marry your Tesla (sorry) but this is the next best thing: https://t.co/z3KLrGtL1J
What's the first thing in your Tesla that you showed your grandparents? https://t.co/IvtxH1lQyC
Jk no one ever gets tired of Africa by Toto
What's your go-to tune for showing off your car's sound system and making your neighbors call the police because it… https://t.co/WMycKNpmfv
The next time a badger hails down your Tesla, do the right thing and leave them on the road because badgers are wil… https://t.co/R5TsUggXdh
@florentderue It's not a haunted house if the lights are on
Just to be 100% clear, Powerwall would still work great in the world's ugliest home too https://t.co/N5Zuk6Lv3T
@correctoman2011 @WeatherTechRcwy A member of the Tesla development team (amateur driver)
*~ Some personal news ~* We lapped Laguna Seca @WeatherTechRcwy in 1:36.555 during advanced R&D testing of our Mod… https://t.co/Ol49wN3kQ1
Also great news if you want to power your commute with the sun instead of toxic & polluting gas: solar panels are n… https://t.co/nmRc5OKYPL
You can now get 2k miles of free Supercharging for you *and* a friend via our referral program. ...great news for… https://t.co/I3BpSDj31v
Aurora Borealis ✅ Blue Lagoon ✅ Sustainable energy ✅ Reykjavík service center ✅ Tesla vehicle orders open for Iceland NOW 🙌
Kids are actually our best customers, so even when you have a child they’ll also only ever congratulate you on getting a Tesla.
{\__/} {\__/} ( • . •) (• - • ) / > 👶 / > < \ Baby? no {\__/} {\__/}… https://t.co/JChouvbQsv
Our Model X towed a plane once and now we're in the 2020 Guinness World Records book. So…how's your day going? https://t.co/MTfi6Wyh7y
(Reminder: your Tesla is also kind of the world’s greatest tent.)
🍁 brb putting our epic panoramic glass roof to work in the Canadian wilderness 🍁 https://t.co/2ACgE5TW2C