TessKS19 (@TessKS19)

Holy Moly Mr. Grubauer!!!! #amazing #GoAvsGo
Madness indeed! Well done @UCF_MBB
@VicLombardi Same, but I would have loved to see UCF win that.
First @Rockies game I've been able to catch this spring, but soooooo ready for games that count next week!! #Rockies
❤️👏❤️👏❤️👏 https://t.co/ohN1Ya3NXt
@Rockies @Spotify I know--but it belongs in the tourney!
@jennycavnar I've got Duke beating Virginia, but I LOVE the upsets, so. . . #MarchMadness
Stuff like this warms my heart! https://t.co/DmX5BbRzi7
@AthleteSwag That smile on Dad's face the whole time. . . ❤️❤️
Thanks @espn, for not accepting my bracket picks this morning due to server issues. I'm pretty sure mine was going to be perfect!! 😆
@Rockies @Spotify so great. . .tho not sure how @spillygoat19's Tainted Love makes this list
😭😭😭😭😘😘😘😘 https://t.co/KZ4wSacs1C
@KyleClark All caps probably would have pushed it to 4/5 stars. . .
@Rockies @CarGo5 I'll miss that smile... Hoping for only good things in your future!
@Rockies @ESanders_10 @Broncos @Tstory2 @Ry_McMahon 😆😆 So glad @ESanders_10 is staying in Denver!! 😆😆
@SteveStaeger Your lead ins and fade outs should ONLY be side photos of pregnant women for a while. I can only hop… https://t.co/RenjrGJn4q