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RT @leenahxs: Unless Instagram wants to collapse completely in 3-5 years they need to show us our friends and family on the tl again, it’s…
RT @HeatvsHaters: Other fanbases talking about the Heat in my mentions... When the Heat are the reason their team is out of the playoffs h…
RT @giannameyerss: Oh they fucked up giving me the voice tweet who’s ready to argue
So much music dropping tonight but imma simp cuz the Heat got they ass whooped last night
RT @kxrraa: voting is a right not a privilege .. privileges get taken away rights don’t
RT @Makeala_Cachola: 💔 no one should ever have to experience this type of pain. Prayers to this family..
RT @ByTimReynolds: A year ago today Justise Winslow was talking about being Miami’s starting point guard and Dion Waiters insisted he was r…
RT @HeatvsHaters: This is amazing. Didn’t think I could get more excited for tonight 😤🔥