The (@The)


@verena @rageonmeh Mijn is een batavus!!
They also just also played Malibu. Didn't hate it.
This bar is playing Tame Impala. Major flashbacks.
@rageonmeh Ahh de zwarte fiets! Nope I have a shitty old one.
@rageonmeh Not sure what that even is! Weather radar?
Got stuck in this while biking today 🚲🚲
@verena They seem interesting
@GalacticGraham Have an amazing journey!
Took me 20 min to try and figure out how to add a page number on Microsoft word. Getting old.
@verena @chihoendo Thank you :)
@sdowns Thank you!!! :)
@srpski_dubliner Thank you! That was me today but instead my face was in a bowl of frites.
The canals are nice and all in Amsterdam but no one told me they're also mosquito city.
@chihoendo happy birthday from the future! It's midnight here so it counts right?
@rageonmeh That literally happened to me
Sun rising when you leave the bar at 4am is not the business.
Guy in building: Waar kom jij vandaan? Me: California Him: ok, I call you Mr. Trump. 🙄😐