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RT @andysearson: Surely Paul Nuttall has to ask his canvasser to come forward and explain himself!
RT @yorksfella59: .@ukip @paulnuttallukip This is not in Stoke, this is outside the Macron Stadium Bolton, at recent Spring conference. Ch…
RT @people_noises: Just some of the companies who fund the Conservative Party... #StopFundingHate
Next time a Tory goes goes on about 52% of people who chose to vote being a clear mandate. Ask them if it's the same for trade unions
Campbell and other Blairites refusal to acknowledge Iraq as an error is key to why Blairism is such a toxic brand.…
@pestononsunday Wow, you're right, never say all politicians are the same. In my defence I started watching Marr as soon as I woke up.
How much is Liz Kendall making through TV appearances? On #Marr at 9am now on @pestononsunday an hour later.
#Marr isn't such a bad celebrity interviewer. Maybe he should move to a Parkinson style show and give up the politics.
Liz Truss failing to find a spine on #marr and take a stand to defend rule of law, fearful of criticising media. Seemingly a Tory trend
@KermodeMovie @Independent Trump's ego won't let him be mediocre. He'll consider anything less than a mushroom cloud failure to be a failure
While I applaud the Guardians pursuit of Nuttall. I wish they'd pursue the Conservatives around the Surrey sweetheart deal - we need answers
So Theresa, is Trump's 100% guarantee on NATO now 75%? 50%? Lower?
@JohnRentoul @MSmithsonPB @YouGov There should be a 4th category "Bregrets, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention"
Banks thinking he can use the same tactics as his good friend Donald Trump. As a wise man once said: This is not Am…
RT @AwardsDaily: "No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices." Edward R. Murrow #NotTheEnemy
The fact that the Guardian was able to dig up this much on Nuttall in 2 weeks shows how little scrutiny theres been on UKIP the last 5 years
RT @StallaSimonin: Lie lie land love story continues
RT @BrianFrancisRoy: Good luck to all @scottishlabour activists campaigning in Copeland today for @GillTroughton #LabourFamily
RT @SocialistVoice: Press claims Jeremy Corbyn doesn't care about Cumbria. He was one of first politicians to visit during floods in 2015 #