TheMezzala (@TheMezzala)

@DezilDezz Dele Rice Oxlade in the near future
He's never mention but Emre Can would be the perfect Fernandinho replacement imo.
I want Liverpool to win just so we could have the possibility of Liverpool v City in the CL & for the title race
@Jdrista Hmmm I think it has more to do with then destroying teams so often it's normal now. The fans were pathetic yesterday though
Stat Daddy Dave calling Rory out on his bullshit on the kick off 💉
@fyces Figure of speech lad
Love how Chelsea have been fucked by the conte-esqe team twice this season
I'd genuinely take Grealish at Chelsea if the price was right. He had really turned into the complete AM this season
@CallumCarroll @ROUNDTHEBEND__ Best hope he don't get locked up with some of the villa faithful else he'll be in for a right bumming
@DZKurtisss The stewards in that area need sacking. Could have very easily had a knife in an atmosphere like this
@DZKurtisss Most unbelievable thing I've seen. Should press charges on the cunt
Birmingham are such a scum fucking club haha
@DZKurtisss We dodged a bullet not paying 60 mill for him mate 😂
Damm Pickford can't stop taking L's this season
Hudson Odoi has got to 100% start the next league game now it's a joke😂
Psg serial bottlers loooool
Look how angry Van Dijk is getting with these bums.. should move to a bigger club
Everytime we make a midfield sub why do the commentators still debate whether Kante or Kova will be in the middle i…