TheTrillAC (@TheTrillAC)

I’m so much more productive during these hours.
It’s the intangibles that make the difference.
I can’t halfway do anything. I’m either all in or I distance myself.
No such thing. The best lies are told during sex.
Mercedes on “P Valley” >>>>>>>
Definitely. I’m a fan already.
RT @C0URTMICHELE: apply pressure or move on to the next person on your roster.
RT @Sole_Of_A_King: Check the tape.... was his foot on the line? Nah
You expect to get a promotion at your job for doing what you’re supposed to do... But don’t believe in rewarding yo…
We gotta normalize rewarding your woman for something other than staying while you were being a hoe.
Moneybagg did what he supposed to do. Nothing wrong with dropping a bag when she YOURS.