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The saying ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ should be changed to 'Money can’t prevent sadness’
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While “don’t you dare” is grammatically fine, “do not you dare” just sounds plain wrong.
I love being around people and I love being alone. If I spend too much time doing either, I start to lose my mind.
Swimming is like going to an alternate dimension where you can fly but can’t breathe.
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Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time.
I will never understand why seeing each other in underwear is forbidden, but seeing each other in swimming dress is okay.
Daydreaming is just writing fan fiction about yourself.
Life is just choosing between millions of different side quests.
Every human being should be able to answer all 12 of these questions. Can you?!...
I would pay to watch a movie where Marvel heroes just mess around with their powers and have fun.
Teenage girls saying “I can’t even” is basically the same as old ladies saying “Well I never”.
I wonder if anything I recycled has made it into a product that I’ve used.
Only People With IQs of 140 Can Figure Out!...
Slow wifi pisses me off more than no wifi at all.
No matter the situation the expression “ I’m dying. ” is always the truth.
One day, that “secret family recipe” will just be that recipe their ancestor looked up online years ago and everybody liked.
You will survive all the things that happen in your life, except one.
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