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Same thing happen to me.. I'm living my best life now.
RT @DeeNigerian_: It's very interesting how they'll agree to perform in Katy Perry's minstrel show, but quickly draw the line at drag queen…
I'm not trying to have kids any time soon.. I need to be able to move around & relocate at will & with great ease.
The possibilities are endless when you don't have kids..
I wouldn't even drive 0.5 miles for somebody on the TL
RT @_DonCornelius: What we not finna do is rush summer
Gotta add "right quick" to the end of this
RT @WhyYouPetty: LMFAOOOOOOOOOO Whitney Houston played too damn much
@CHEWTHISASSh_ @DeuceAltendre hi, can someone please tell the story in chronological order.. thanks
I'm sorry but this is hilarious
Getting my oil changed then I'm outta here tomorrow✌🏽
Go find you a real fool cuz I am not the one😳✌🏽
I got sooooo much stuff that I should be doing but this cold <<< 😫😫😫
How the fck is anyone's NATURAL hair not for them? You embarrassing yo self
I don't feel like talking bout no d* politics
Plz stop annoying me
My eyeballs hurt.