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I don't do that crazy shit man
My boyfriend is crazy as shit. He left his job and came to my house unannounced cause I didn't pick up the phone CAUSE I WAS ASLEEP🙄
@JoelHoesteen probably do.. I keep all cleaning supplies under my bathroom sink
Don't see it.. there's no proof she used Ajax on her body
RT @AngryBlackLady: Do you really want to be smug after tossing Muslims off of your planes and pretending Black women can't be doctors? Re…
RT @AshyGod: Two white women discussing whether you can choose to be black. Comedy
I wish she ain't want him as bad as she does..
I'm mad that ppl are just finding this out.. ya'll never done the Snapchat trick where you say it & add the rewind…
It's some husbands in these replies👏🏽
@RealJudgeLynn I need this, Judge!!! Thank you!
RT @RealJudgeLynn: #TuesdayTip U r more than the sum of ur mistakes. Smarter than #theStruggle u fight suggests & able in ways u've yet 2 i…
I be putting in work in the gym.. so proud of myself!
RT @juleonbrown: Holding a masters degree while wearing a du rag w/ bottle of henny in the back you've ascended to the peak of black excell…
RT @kristenmchugh22: This is not inspirational, it's obscene. No one should be homeless because of medical bills.
The white woman interviewing her is truly disgusted
@DanielIeBregoli respecting my parents & not capitalizing off of their misery & embarrassment