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I'ma say this one time & one time only so everybody listen carefully.. 🗣I DON'T LOSE IN SPADES
RT @Sicksteen_216: Y’all talking about new j Cole and the playoffs like Nick Minaj didn’t say “Lara been Croft” What does that mean? We…
They don't but I still gotta get what I deserve suh🤧
Mf said 'happy 420 to the REAL stoners"... they acting like this they Founders Day or something😩
@msbond2u 🗣🗣🗣 throw them counts suh
I would but I don't trust you........
RT @H0UDINNE: BM: I like white women! BW: BM: I said... I like white women!!! BW: BM: I like white women cause black women don’t submit…
Ready to leave work but they're bringing us lunch today so I'ma stall it out..
1) they use words like 'female' to refer to other women. thread concluded.
RT @aicnasancia: I was tutoring today and one of the kids asked me what year I was born. I said “1996” and she said “were you a slave?”
@HOLYSMOXE Noooooooo you're not supposed to do that. They can turn cancerous like that or bleed excessively!!
"I'm from Mississippi where mfs drive themselves to court for a driving with suspended license charge" 😩😩🤣
RT @Chase_Bankss: That paycheck u don't have to pay bills with >>>>>
RT @curlyheadedang: when u cramping and everyone is pissing you off
Happy Friday ❤️
RT @TheeHeartthrob: Remember when I used to be stressed over that nigga Thomas 😪
RT @TheeHeartthrob: Had dreams for you.. Thoughts of a ring for ya... Childish shit.. You know child & shit.. Anonymous flowers sent... You…