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Syncing with Lacoste
Syncing with elephants...including this tiny one with The Rock in The Mysterious Island that happened to be playing…
Long, beautiful, bright and clear days.
RT @Emma4Change: trees are so cool thank you have a good night
RT @Syncwinnipeg: Smash the medium. Liberate the message. Smash duality. Liberate unity.
That part of the roller coaster when you've been inching towards the top, going slower and slower until you're nearly standing still...
The hardest part about living on a plant-based diet? Being extra vigilant about green stuff being caught in between my teeth. 😬
RT @Syncwinnipeg: @TRUE The missing lynx is the sync.
Syncing with Lynxes 😼
@willkeefer Yes! I was reluctant as well, but having synced with it, I was compelled to check out the sermon and I’m glad i did.
Syncing with #ThePowerofLove as mentioned by Bishop Curry at the #RoyalWeddding and then as theme song for…
RT @WomaninHavana: Whatever cynicism many of us felt about the #RoyalWedding coverage, it’s been a day that feels like it marks or reflects…
I love the many flavors that make up #JerseyCity also, reminder to put the time in on my Spanish lessons 👍
Early morning stop for coffee at the old Italian bakery where the workers were watching the English #RoyalWedding in Spanish on Univision.
@thesyncmovie Apparently. They’ve been at it for years. Ive been offered mucho dinero for my username. And I’ve been hacked for it before.
Syncing with solar flares and New Order.
RT @thesyncmovie: Watch the documentary, Time is Art via Amazon Instant Video (Free for Prime members)
I work from my apt on Fridays & sometimes the kids can be loud & a little annoying as they walk home from school bu…