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You can never run out of love to give.
I’m finally learning that only true love and peace will satisfy me.
Let me get over myself and all my endless wants and desires that have never once stopped no matter what I achieve o…
I want to love everyone. Even the people who aren’t nice to me or who irritate me. ESPECIALLY those people.
@willkeefer I agree that the desire for economic dominance causes war. But the root of this is jealousy. One countr…
@willkeefer I see bad thoughts like anger and jealousy to be, in and of themselves, destructive to balance &peace.…
Can we say we are at peace when our mind still has negative thoughts in it?
We say we want peace on Earth but what does that mean? Is it an end to all wars? What about fights between enemies? Or friends?
RT @brainpicker: “Wanting approval … is a kind of aggression.” Allen Ginsberg, born on this day in 1926, on coming out and how meditation…
RT @Chas10Buttigieg: For those who ask (they already have and they always will) why we celebrate #Pride, remind them that the closet kills…
Note to self: no time for timidity.
Grateful for the peace that allows me to go higher.
Kindness is innate. All the other stuff is an illusion.
As I become more and more sensitive, things that were unconscious are made conscious. #clarity
I want to get to the point that I don’t even have negative thoughts about anyone anymore. It seems so faraway! But I feel it’s possible. 💗
Gossip hurts. It’s not what friendship is about.
A person still feels it when you talk about them behind their back.