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RT @mrfeelswildride: Todd Howard was Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class President in High School, as well as vice president of the Latin c…
RT @Turbo_Button: Still one of the best themes in Zelda history.
@stormin_orman 💖
@Anti Agreed
@ghoulrunnings HAPPY FOR YOU BEEE <3
FFXIV has one of the worst MMO Communties ever send tweet
@FalcoMain The Other Promise, Battle for Everyone's Souls, Xenoblade Chronicles Title theme.
@Somecallmejon It's because your content is top notch, and consistent compared to so many others man. People love y…
@Legend0fLucky It sucks cause DDD is a fucking mess of a game, but is borderline required due to its story application
@HatokTalk GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT People really out here actin like KH Lore is THAT deep and making OC shit.
@HatokTalk >79 episodes what
@BioPokey Don't think you do, but i planned on getting the game tonight/tomorrow. My user is Amaterasu98. Add me.…
@BioPokey Yo you wanna play some SC6 with me?
@ghoulrunnings My thoughts exactly. We are 100% different people from the things we said years ago. I was a fucking…
RT @kitsune23sta: Vergil being a dad
@ExandShadow Congrats on jerking off your childhood nostalgia yet again without recognizing that Tooie suffers fro…
@apologism Tbh if paristion doesn't fucking get killed by execution by ging, HXH is a failed series as a whole He deserves to die, THE MOST
@apologism Hisokia dying is gonna be fuckin wack