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If you supported Hillary, please answer this question: Why is Media Ignoring #Trump's Sex Trafficking Busts? #Oscars
The media did not report this fact, because it isn't FAKE NEWS. @CNN @NYTIMES @MSNBC @NBCNews @politico @BuzzFeedโ€ฆ
Meryl Streep & #Oscars are busy honoring pediophiles while #TRUMP vows to fight 'epidemic' of human trafficking!
Meryl Streep gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation despite being a confessed child rapist! #Oscars #MerylStreepโ€ฆ
Satanic message from @LanaDelRey a #Hillary supporter talking about using the occult to remove #TRUMP. #Oscarsโ€ฆ
RT @TrumpSuperPAC: You bashed @IvankaTrump & @EricTrump for attending charity events for kids with cancer, now you want #TRUMP to help theโ€ฆ
You mean Nixon the President who the media called anti-Semitic and yet single handily saved Israel from extinction?โ€ฆ
President Trump roasts you at every press conference without a tuxedo. #WHCD would be redundant.
White House Correspondents's Association should invite #CrookedHillary in #TRUMP's place. You all can reminisce aboโ€ฆ
You bashed @IvankaTrump & @EricTrump for attending charity events for kids with cancer, now you want #TRUMP to helpโ€ฆ
#TRUMP out to dinner in Washington DC answering a report's quesion about #WHCD in pure TRUMP fashion! #MAGA
Is the FAKE NEWS media talking about this? Terror chief warns risk of attacks in Britain is highest since IRA days!
What did the democrats win? Republicans control every branch of government: Legislative, Executive & Judicial. Apprโ€ฆ
Be careful, globalists will cash out & collapse the stock market during the summer. Ryan stalling on tax cuts is thโ€ฆ
Anyone who thought #TRUMP would attend White House correspondents' dinner is an idiot! In order words, FAKE NEWS meโ€ฆ
Hello America! Are you tired of winning yet? #TRUMP has only been President for 30 days! Much, much more to look foโ€ฆ
RT @TrumpSuperPAC: Twitter's shadow banning TRUMP supporters & promoting anti-Trump tweets! @TrumpSuperPAC will fight back with a major annโ€ฆ
FAKE NEWS claims TRUMP supporters burn Mosques. FALSE! Texas Muslim Pleads Guilty to Setting Fire to His Own Mosque!
.@CNN, @nytimes, @politico were all blocked from a White House press gaggle! FAKE NEWS is the enemy of the people!โ€ฆ
Media doesn't report on what's happening around the world! #ObamaLegacy & #MerkelLegacy is of death & destruction!