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RT @MrsIehl: This little guy was on the hunt for @UNImbb #4– his hometown favorite! https://t.co/gS9YFalDYZ
RT @MrsIehl: This little guy was on the hunt for @UNImbb #4– his hometown favorite! https://t.co/gS9YFalDYZ
AJ Green is today's player of the game, following a 20 point performance in the #UNIFight win! https://t.co/fipSYuM7r5
A look at the numbers following the Panther's comeback victory over the Spartans! #UNIFight https://t.co/Hdh9XssznJ
The Panthers rally from double digits to win in dramatic fashion! #UNIFight https://t.co/G53gBYWx9z
We're under a minute and the Panthers are leading the Spartans by nine! #UNIFight
A back-and-forth game between the Panthers and the Spartans! #UNIFight holds a slim 60-59 lead with a little under… https://t.co/16gqbhfMdo
The Panthers call a timeout, as they hold a slim lead. We got a close one in the McLeod, as #UNIFight is up 55-53 with 6:40 remaining!
As we head to a media timeout, the Panthers have regained the lead! 8:54 is left on the clock in the second half!… https://t.co/dZTUcKT1KG
Wyatt Lohaus DRAINS a three to give UNI the lead! The Panthers are up 51-50 with 9:13 left to play! #UNIFight https://t.co/s3LMVpfaUg
Luke McDonnell heads to the line with the Panthers on a 6-0 run! UNI now trails by four with 10:26 remaining in the game! #UNIFight
Isaiah Brown hits both free throws as the Panthers cut into the Spartan's lead. UNI now trails 50-42 with 11:30 left.
UNI trails by double digits as we enter a media timeout. The Panthers have 12:54 remaining to stage a comeback. https://t.co/i3MiTpeOQA
A double technical foul has been called on Trae Berhow of the Panthers and Deonte Newsome of the Spartans. 15:54 re… https://t.co/sBVR3Kj4WJ
At the media timeout, the Spartans lead the Panthers by six. Wyatt Lohaus has recorded three steals in the second h… https://t.co/hqsjX5WREX
Trae Berhow heads to the line with the Panthers down 41-34. 17:48 remains in the second half. #UNIFight
A breakdown of the first half numbers against Dubuque. #UNIFight https://t.co/1LwVfNftv1
We've reached halftime as the Panthers trail the Spartans, 36-34. #UNIFight https://t.co/lOHyIskk3i
The Panthers regain the lead! #UNIFight is up 30-28 with just under four minutes remaining in the half!
The Panthers trail by two as we hit the under eight minute media timeout. 6:40 is remaining in the first half.… https://t.co/y4yKpPXp4Z
We take a media timeout here in Cedar Falls, as the Panthers continue to fight off the Spartans! 10:54 remains in t… https://t.co/dI7v0M4CY6